Monday, 25 March 2013

Youth President Solomon Madzore Returns

Youth President Solomon (Mandela) Madzore returned from his trip in Europe where he was accompanied by other youth leaders from other political parties in the Inclusive Government. He was welcomed by enthusiastic and energetic party youths at the Harare International Airport. He addressed the media and the crowd at the airport urging all young people to go and register to vote and to encourage their peers to do likewise.

In his address he denounced the recent arrest of top human rights lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa and officials from the PM’s office, and stated that there is need for a peaceful environment before going for elections.
 “We have been looking at each other as enemies for a very long time but as youths we should just see ourselves as Zimbabweans before anything. There is hope for prosperity in Zimbabwe if the youths worked together’’, lamented Madzore.

With unemployment at over 80 percent, Madzore said it was important for youths to work together in fighting poverty and rebuilding the economy.

"We may fight as youths but at the end of the day our problems are the same. Many of us are unemployed despite having relevant qualifications but how do build the economy when we are always fighting?" he added.

Madzore acknowledged all Zimbabweans who participated at the just ended referendum and said that young people are happy that a new constitution is on its way. he called for discipline among youths as we head for watershed elections where President Tsvangirai is going to win outright.
Welcome back, Solomon "Mandela" Madzore
Together to the end, building a youth with a difference.

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