Thursday, 18 April 2013

Nothing to celebrate on Independence Day

More than 33 years ago the youths of this nation took it upon themselves to liberate this country from oppression, 33 years down the line we found the same laws used by the oppressors are still used by the so called liberators.

If we look at the main reasons why Zimbabwe went to war it was to eradicate dominance, exclusion and discrimination.

Looking at it closely, we still see those tenets in the current setup, save to say they have worsened. Before 1980 the youths found themselves at the mercy of oppressive laws such as LOMA, and many other draconian laws that prevented the black youth from having economic, political and social freedoms. From 1980 to now the Zimbabwean youths have observed the same laws being reenacted by the Mugabe regime to deny the youths of Zimbabwe the same freedoms that the youths fought for during the liberation struggle.

Zimbabwe went to war so that we get rule of law in the country, so that we end politically motivated arrests, and for us to get a free and fair judiciary system. 33 years on, Mugabe has turned the country into a police state and converted the Attorney General’s office to be his personal property, forgetting what drove nationalist into a liberation to struggle.

People like Samora Machel had love to extend their help to and for the region to get independence but Mugabe could not plough back all he can show is to host Mengistu Haile Mariam.

When Samora said Aluta Continua we believe he was saying Continua, education, rule of law, democracy and respect for the various freedoms and human rights.

Many MDC youths have been arrested, beaten and tortured. The people of Zimbabwe have no  freedom of speech and association. The police have turned into ZANU PF puppets arresting anyone they believe is against the ideologically bankrupt- ZANU PF.

Just as the youths of pre 1980 were thrown into jail, killed and arrested the MDC members have been arrested, with some going for years without freedom because of the partisan contact of the prosecutors and the police.

Under the Smith regime black Zimbabweans were not allowed to vote, the youths of the 1970s went to war to ensure a one man one vote but Mugabe has labeled others “Aliens’. The irony of it is that the same people voted in the 1980 elections.

There is a stage that those who took part in the liberation struggle diverted the freedom train, all the efforts became a tale of the hijacked agenda .It is very clear that Mugabe is presiding over the independence celebrations for the last time.

The MDC led by Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai will restore ownership of the liberation struggle to the people of Zimbabwe. We are declaring financial, social and political independence.

Together to the end,building a youth with a difference.

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