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[*** For more about our mother party, visit www.mdc.co.zw ,  or www.mdc.org.zw]

About the MDC in Brief :

The Democratic Movement is a brain child of The Peoples’ Convention which was held on 26-28 February 1999

The Convention noted the following -:

    -failure of the economy to provide the  basic needs of  the people; human Rights Abuse by the Z-PF Government; decline in the provision of public services

    - Persistence of discrimination against women

    -Lack of commitment to address the land redistribution  issue

    -Governments’ insincerity to rural investment

    -Absence of a New Democratic and People driven Constitution

    -Continued undermining of national integration. Regionalism and racism

    -Widespread corruption, nepotism and lack of transparency and accountability in public and political institutions… 
   We have held 3 Congresses in 2000, 2006 and 2011

   We have participated in National Elections since formation  despite the hostile and unfair  conditions prevailing.

   We won the majority Parliamentary seats in the 2008 elections as well as the majority Presidential vote.
   The MDC has three main structures i.e. The Main Wing, The Assembly of Women and the Assembly of Youth (Youth Assembly)

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