Monday, 11 March 2013

Shunning of international election observers irrational

 MDC Youth Assembly dismisses the move to prohibit international election observers from other countries especially from Europe as unprogressive, unfounded and unthought-of. The decision to allow and not allow must be a collective one at a cabinet level not at a part level.

As the Youth Assembly of the people’s party we feel and treat such utterances and move as a ZANU PF party position not a national one. This move is backwardness and misplaced since Zimbabwe is being governed collectively by three political parties in the Inclusive government. The Prime Minister of this Republic Dr Morgan Tsvangirai must be consulted on the matter. 

ZANU PF must not, and should not in any way be allowed to irrationally interfere with the election process and they are advised to conduct themselves professionally.  There is nowhere in the world where a player chooses his/her own referee or lines-man. It’s unthinkable. 

The question from an ordinary Zimbabwean will be; what do they want to hide? Why do they fear international observers? These utterances are a reflection of the fear that has engulfed the out-going Zanu PF ahead of the general election that is definitely going to signature the New Zimbabwe triumph card.

The Assembly urges all Zimbabweans not to panic by such a move. The elections must be observed by all who are interested to do so to ensure high levels of transparency. This clearly shows that ZANU PF is intending to interfere with the operations of ZEC. ZEC must be an independent body that can make its own decisions in line with the provisions of the supreme law. 

The nation’s watchful eye will be on these ambassadors of doom who are restlessly drafting recipes of rigging and concocting menus of robbery on democracy thirsty citizens’ rights. 

Our message is clear:

Zimbabweans are thirsty for peaceful, free and fair plebiscite. Stop early rigging, the world is watching you.

For and on behalf of the young people of Zimbabwe
MDC Youth Assembly Information Department

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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