Friday, 30 November 2012

The MDC Youth Assembly welcomes JUICE

The MDC’ s economic blueprint launched by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday the 29th of November is a young people centred, young people propelled and young people backed policy. 

The Jobs, Upliftment, Investment Capital and the Environment (JUICE) is a draught for job creation and the prescription for eradicating destitution among the youth of our country. It is a comprehensive approach to sustainable, inclusive and people centred development. Poverty, unemployment, economic destruction and entrepreneurship degradation were mechanisms created by ZANU-PF to rig the future of our country against the young people of today. 

The thrust of this policy is to create 1 million jobs by 2018, increase growth rate exponentially, further reduce inflation rate, deliver a US$100 billion economy by 2040, improve electricity generation and build a social contract. Whilst the government will be concentrating in the creation of the million jobs there are downstream benefits that are going to come with such a thrust as more jobs are likely to be created in the informal sector. JUICE is set to see a boom in job creation through investment and consequently creating an economically stable country founded on the inseparable combination of economic growth, investment and employment creation – through sustainable development. As the MDC youth we believe this is going to be a panacea to an economy that had been on a negative growth rate for a period of more than 8 years. There will be an increase in the domestic savings which will help to ease pressure on capital on the domestic scene.  

As young people we are motivated and encouraged that the MDC has put the interests and concerns of young people at the centre of the economic policy. Through JUICE, we see Zimbabwe working again. We see a brighter and prosperous Zimbabwe under a new administration led by Dr Morgan Tsvangirai. 

We have said it and we are happy to repeat it again that the ZANU PF so called indigenisation agenda is not inclusive but rather promote expropriation, nationalisation, asset grabbing and thuggery by a few Zanu PF cronies. We believe it is better to have a 10% stake in an elephant than to own 100% of a rat. 

We joyously welcome JUICE as template for national and individual development, where potential can be realised and a sustainable future can be attained. There can be no other better Christmas present than this one heading into the year 2013, the year of the watershed elections. JUICE restores hope and sets the tone for what we believe is a new Zimbabwe and a new beginning. 
The young people of our country who roam the streets on a daily basis will finally realise their dreams. The indigenous entrepreneurs that fled bush economic policies will finally return to establish themselves in a system where hard work is rewarded and the playing field is levelled for all competitors. 

There is no doubt that the MDC JUICE will quench the thirst that has created all the social, economic and political ills of our country

“Our era is now, let’s do it now to shape our own destiny!!!”

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Bulawayo welcomes Solomon ‘Mandela’ Madzore

Solomon Madzore, the MDC Youth Assembly President has urged youths to register and vote in the coming elections despite the impunity of Zanu Pf and state security agents in trying to decimate the party of excellence.  Madzore was speaking at a rally organized by Bulawayo MDC youth on Saturday to welcome him from Chikurubi Maximum Prison where he was released on November 14 after more than a year in incarceration.

“MorganTsvangirai can only be President if you are registered to vote. If you are not registered to vote that will be the greatest betrayal you have done to the struggle that we engaged in for the past 13 years.” Madzore said.

Madzore said the next vote is for transformation of the country from the economic downturn caused by Zanu PF which has thrown people into untold suffering and abject poverty.
“We are voting for transformation of all sectors of the economy. Our vote should enable President Morgan Tsvangirai to bring jobs, health care, food, safe clean water and a better future for our children. This is a historic vote.”

Madzore said during his incarceration, he was surprised to discover that the majority of personnel at Chikurubi Maximum Prison support Morgan Tsvangirai and want change in the country.  Madzore said contrary to what has often been said by security chiefs the majority of state security agents including prison warders are tired of Mugabe and want change in the country to enable them to improve their lives and the lives of their children.

Madzore also spoke on the looting of diamonds from Chiadzwa by Minister of Mines Obert Mpofu and those aligned to the Zanu Pf party. He questioned the riches that Minister Obert Mpofu has amassed in so short space of time and promised that the end of corruption could only be realized through a vote for the party of excellence.

Madzore also took time to talk to the youth on protecting their lives from the scourge of HIV/AIDS.
“As you can see for yourselves I have come here with my wife. This must be a sign for you as young people that you need to guard your lives jealously against this scourge. Please adhere to one partner and don’t forget to use protection all the time.”

Madzore also highlighted that the youth in the party are also agitating for leadership positions saying it is prudent for continuity and representational purposes to become councilors and members of parliament.

Also speaking at the rally the secretary general of the MDC Youth Assembly Promise Mkwananzi thanked the youth in Bulawayo for their resilience and fortitude ahead of the next elections. 

Mkwananzi said the youth must support each other and vote for each other so that they can be representatives of the party at decision making levels. The rally was attended by more than 1000 youths from Bulawayo.

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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Chairman’s note

Ladies and Gentleman after a long time of incarceration I am back and business continues as usual and we need to move with speed so that we are not overtaken by events. I salute the Cdes who were in charge of business in the assembly in my absence.

We welcome the budget presented by Hon Tendai Biti specifically on his intention to use money collected from luxuries (Alcohol and Tobacco) excise duty to subsidise education which is a plus for the young people in schools and tertiary institutions. We also salute his intension of instilling discipline in government expenditure and encouraging savings by scraping bank charges for deposits of less than $800.
I hope the government will also come up with policies that will ensure growth with development through employment and lift millions of our youths from poverty.

The diamond sector should be further tightened to make sure we do not lose out as a country and just have the people of Chiyadzwa suffering effects of eviction when the nation is not benefiting. It is sad to note that the total revenue from diamond received by treasury in 2012 was 41 million against the potential in the industry.
I however want you to note with seriousness that the budget reminds us that elections have been budgeted for and will definitely be held next year and as the Youth Assembly we need to take the responsibility unto our own shoulders, the fate of our party depends on us. As Hon Minister Biti noted, violent elections is biggest risk for economy for 2013, let’s desist from using violence before, during and after elections.

I urge all the young people to register to vote and decide for ourselves who should lead the nation, where possible-with capacity to deliver consider standing to contest an election. Political violence resurfacing in Mutoko with houses of members of our party being burnt is highly unacceptable and I urge JOMIC to move with speed and restore sanity otherwise elections will be insignificant. I also urge the police to work with them(JOMIC) and make sure that justice prevails.  

I am also glad on the progress made on the constitution making process from my following in newspapers brought to me in prison, however we urge those involved to treat this progressively and make sure we have  a referendum as soon as possible so that we step up towards a free and fair election.

I take this opportunity to congratulate President Barack Obama for his re-election and I hope that we as Zimbabweans have to learn from the way they conducted their election. It is also good to congratulate the Chinese Communist party for renewing their leadership taking note  the average age(55 years) of their new leadership although  more can be done to improve their gender policy and democratic system.
Zimbabwe has lost a lot of opportunities to develop and catch up with its peers like Malaysia and Brazil. We are therefore at a time where we need all Zimbabweans, here and abroad to start pulling in one direction. A house that is divided cannot stand, the MDC youth Assembly should and is already working towards electing a government for Zimbabwe and by Zimbabweans led by one President M R Tsvangirai of one political party MDC.

Finally ladies and gentleman let us stay in solidarity with the Heroes who are still in custody , we should continue to show them our support until justice prevails.

I thank you all for the support that you gave me I feel humbled not forgetting the great work being done by the defence counsel led by Beatrice Mtetwa.

The Last Mile: Towards Real Transformation!!!


Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Zimbabwe Welcomes President Madzore

The Youth Assembly would like to applaud thousands of youth and democracy starved citizens from all corners of Zimbabwe who befitted a thunderous welcome to the Youth Assembly president Solomon ‘Mandela’ Madzore after exactly 415 days in incarceration. A convoy of cars laden with joyous party youths, friends and relatives brought Harare to a standstill as citizens waved the open palm of freedom, liberty and change. President Solomon Madzore appeared before  hundreds of youths who showed their joy whistle, struggle song- with some breaking into tears.

Leader Costa Machingauta, Deputy President of the Youth Assembly who was at the helm of the Assembly during the President's trying times handed over the Barret of Honor to President Solomon 'Mandela' Madzore.

'I saw a new Zimbabwe' :

Flanked by former fellow inmate Lovemore Taruvinga Magaya, the rest of the Youth Assembly leadership, National Organising Secretary Nelson Chamisa and National Spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora among other leaders, firebrand Youth Assembly President described how he vividly had an encounter with a new Zimbabwe while he was incarcerated and urged the Youth and the broader people  of Zimbabwe to remain steadfast.

He lamented at the state of prisons and delivered a message from the Chikurubi family-inmates and workers who are pregnant with expectations that the broader Zimbabwean family will play their role in delivering Zimbabwe to the promised land.

Aluta Continua!!

With the youth commander now back in the cockpit, the Youth Assembly vows to scale up struggle in this final lap towards Real Transformation as reiterated by the freed president Solomon Madzore. The president declared that all set for President Morgan Tsvangirai’s  ascendency into power and it is the obligation of the Zimbabwean to push to the finishing line as we are in the final lap – the last mile towards real transformation.
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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Youth Commander Madzore granted bail

The Youth Assembly celebrates the release of its President from the jaws of a blood dripping incarceration talented regime.
Back to the warfront: Youth Commander Solomon Madzore

High Court Judge Justice Chinembiri Bhunu this afternoon granted a $500 bail to President Solomon Madzore after 414 days in remand prison on extremely falsified charges of murder.  He has been ordered to surrender his passport and reside at his Westgate flat.

President Solomon Madzore was released together with Harare Province Youth Assembly Secretary for Home Affairs Lovemore Taruvinga Magaya.

Persecutor Nyazamba, surprisingly a 2011 best prosecutors’ award holder,  was blank enough to fail to find a splinter of a reason to oppose bail after all evidence painstakingly spelt the innocence of President Madzore who has been subjected to whims and caprices  of incarceration grossly for political reasons best known to Zanu PF.

The review of the change of circumstances for the rest of the Glen View 29 will start on Friday the 16th of November at the High Court.
Chikurubi:Solo's home for the past 414 days,
While the Youth Assembly celebrates the release of its shepherd and commander, it would like to unequivocally demand the release of the rest of the illegally detained innocent comrades.    

Freedon now. Freedom in our lifetime.

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

Youth ready to finish it

Zimbabwean youth are geared to finish the struggle for real change and have vowed to resolutely stamp forward in this last mile towards real transformation. 

Speaking during a Vote Yes campaign rally, dubbed ‘My Voice is in. My Vote is Yes ’ on Saturday  in Gutu South, the Youth Assembly Secretary for Information and Publicity Clifford Hlatywayo declared that the youth feel challenged to determine the destiny of Zimbabwe and  will definitely do so. “We are the generation to stay. This is our  era to take forward the nation and leave a legacy for the next generation”-Clifford said.

Thousands of youth, women and man from Gutu South thronged Maungwa business center which was colored red and declared their commitment to vote yes to the people’s constitution and prepare to vote for change in a peaceful, free and fair election. The youth also vowed to defend their vote and safeguard their future.
 Masvingo Province Youth Chairperson and Gutu Central MP Hon Oliver Chirume urged young people to vote Yes to the constitution, register to vote,  and vote for  Change in the forthcoming plebiscite. He urged youth to be prepared to defend their vote against all odds.
The youth rally was  graced by Youth Assembly Secretary for mines Solly Chipfumo and Youth Assembly Manicaland National Representative Lastone Julius among other esteemed youth leaders.
The youth accepted the constitution as guarantor of Peace, Rights and Freedoms , Jobs, Genuine Upliftment and Equality and have said it will go a long way as a solid foundation on which incremental gains to the social contract will be progressively made.

Mpofu and Zanu Pf must stop the looting :
The youth real change train took it through Nganga North on Sunday where another Vote Yes campaign rally attracted thousands of democracy thirst citizens from all walks of life.
Nyanga North MP, the MDC National Spokesperson Hon Douglas Mwonzora,  who graced the rally at Ruwange Growth Point described the Copac draft constitution as the greatest opportunity so far for young Zimbabweans to take control of their own destiny.
Youth in Nyanga however expressed great concern at the rate at which diamonds were being siphoned to smooch the personal interests of a few in Zanu Pf at the expense of thousands peasantified locals who are reeling under a myriad of challenges.
Great worries were expressed over the Minister of Mines, Mpofu’s wealth which has since been exponentially ballooning and have called for him to be thoroughly investigated.
The locals also expressed concern over the exploitation of diamond resources to construct a  Zanu Pf conference center in Gweru while their children lack adequate educational infrastructure. Worries are mounting over the fact that Manicaland province is the only province in the country that has not been blessed with a state university yet it is abundantly blessed with mineral resources in the form of diamonds which can change not only their fortune but the nation’s fortune.
The Assembly continues to urge Zimbabweans to remain resolute as the real change dream is near fruition.

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Congratulations to Obama, lessons for Zimbabwe and Africa

The MDC Youth Assembly would like to congratulate President Barack Obama on his re-election to become the 44th president of America in the November 6 plebiscite. The Assembly would like to relay its warmest congratulations to the American people and the mature democracy that carried   the day.
Democratic compatriots: President Tsvangirai and President Obama
The American plebiscite should go a long way in teaching the enemies of democracy scattered across the world, in Africa and in Zimbabwe in particular what it is like to give citizens the chance to freely choose who and how they want to be governed.   
A big fresh leaf should be drawn from this plebiscite which saw the electorate being given a chance to listen to the views of the candidates, freely weigh and make informed choices characteristics which have increasingly became taboo in the politics of our homeland. That the runner up openly accepts defeat and congratulates the victor should be cherished by everyone as the greatest respect of the democratic process. Greater participation of citizens in democratic processes as showcased by the high voter turnout especially the youth should be emulated.
Contrary to this showcase of respect of the peoples’ will, is the chaos that our non-repentant tired counterparts from Zanu Pf have decided to unceremoniously attach to elections and democratic process. The American lesson should cascade to these fellows and they should be ashamed of their gruesome deeds of devouring people over their choices.
As Zimbabwe gears for crucial processes in the form of the referendum and the harmonized election, the Youth Assembly would like to challenge Zimbabweans from all walks of life to envy the American plebiscite – have high levels of peace and tolerance, go out in numbers to vote; have losers peacefully concede defeat and uphold the will of the people.  
The Assembly would like to challenge young people to go out in numbers to register to vote, and go vote as we are the determinants of our country’s destiny.
                           “Our Era is Now: Let’s do it Now to shape our own destiny.”
Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Luke Tamborinyoka
The MDC Youth Assembly wishes a speedy recovery to the Prime Minister’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka.
We are pleased to receive recent reports that he is now conscious and responding to instructions. Doctors have assured us that his condition is critical but stable. We believe that the spirit of a fighter within him and the grace of God is with him and he will definitely pull through. We urge all youths, mothers and fathers in Zimbabwe to take a moment of prayer for the speedy recovery of this revolutionary fighter for he is not only the son of the Tamborinyokas but a son of the nation.
He has endured torture and spent months in prison at the hands of Zanu Pf fighting for a democratic Zimbabwe. We will give him all the support he needs in these painful times. May the Lord be with him and his family will continue praying with you.

We say to Luke, “This is a struggle that is not different from any other. Aluta continua. The children of this great nation need you to walk with them in this last mile towards real transformation. We know that our God has already granted us our wish.

Long live cde Luke

Long live MDC

 Together to end,building a youth with a difference.