Tuesday, 5 March 2013

ZANU PF is allergic to PEACE

Violence is the biggest weapon used by cowered people to pretend as if they are in charge. The recent escalation of the killings, harassments, battings, and massive intimidation by ZANU PF to innocent civilians both in rural and urban areas are shocking.

 This clearly shows that ZANUPF solely depends on instilling fear in people. 

 ZANU PF has got a proven track record of organised state sponsored successful violence deeply rooted in the country’s selectorate of the armed forces and the secret service. These have been used to undermine civilian authority.

 War veterans and vigilante militia groups such as El Sharbab, Top six and Chipangano are also part of the band wagon.

The murdering of a 12 year old Christpowers Maisiri in Headlands last week is a testimony that ZANU PF is allergic to peace. To them peace is a life threat, they do not like to be associated with peace. This confirms that to them peace is toxic. If ZANU PF hears and talks about peace, they think and act opposite.  

The Movement for Democratic Change Youth Assembly (MDCYA) condemns in the strongest terms any act and form of violence.

 Young people are the future of this country, hence building a peaceful nation now; anchored on strong foundation of love, respect and honesty is beneficial to all generations. The Assembly is seriously concerned when seeds of violence and intolerance are transmitted from generation to generation.
The forces of darkness in ZANUPF, who continue to recklessly disregard the right of Zimbabweans to join and support a political grouping of their choice, must disappear.
Zimbabweans know it well that ZANU PF does not want real development and genuine emancipation of the general populace; instead it is a party full of selfish individuals with self aggrandisement at the back of their heads. 
They loot in broad day light in the name of indigenisation; diamonds are not being accounted for among other economic atrocities being committed. The Mike Madiro saga has lot of words stories behind the story. The continued illegal arrests and harassment of rights groups should stop immediately. 

The formation of the Inclusive government in essence was a noble foundation towards setting the ground for a new political framework. Literally this process has been failing to move forward because of Zanu Pf’s thugery and crook tendencies towards the full implementation and adherence to the provisions of the GPA. 

The Youth Assembly has embarked on a nationwide campaign denouncing violence at all its rallies. It is working tirelessly to advocate for a violent free Zimbabwe. 

The Assembly calls upon all relevant authorities especially police to arrest those who murdered young Maisiri and those who are perpetrating violence across the country. ZANU PF must stop the violence now. Zimbabwe needs a peaceful referendum and elections now.

MDC Youth Assembly Information Department
Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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