Thursday, 14 March 2013

Yes Vote is inevitable- one day to go

The new charter which is to be voted at the referendum on Saturday the 16th of March 2013, is a firm foundation towards building a democratic, progressive and prosperous nation. Though not that perfect, it provides an opportunity for the sons and daughters of this nation to excel and progress in different sectors of life.
The MDC Youth Assembly sees as taking this country backwards by trying to resist this draft. A yes vote is inescapable.   
This draft constitution was described by many young people as an empowering document. It provides for free basic education, guarantees people’s socio-economic and political rights, youths and women are being uplifted, the earlderly and war veterans are being respected, the disadvantaged and vulnerable are being put as a development priority sector.
The referendum presents us with an opportunity to create a conducive environment for our nation to move on and not remain stagnant with a retrogressive constitution such as the Lancaster house constitution.
Devolution of power to many young people is beneficial, giving local the mandate to make development decisions is strategic and profitable. Giving the provinces power of their development plans and resources so as to ensure all resources develop the nation.
Another new feature in the new charter is a limited presidential term of a maximum of two 5 year term. This is being done to nearly every country for instance South Africa, Botswana, USA among others. Coupled with this is the certainty of election date, instead of the hearsay and rumor mills we are accustomed too.

A yes vote guarantees a new Zimbabwe with a new President with people at heart and in action.

Everyone must be involved in determining our nation’s destiny. VOTE YES to a good constitution.
‘Our era is now let’s do it now to shape our own destiny’

MDC Youth Assembly Information department

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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