Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Madzore welcomes Bailed MDC members

Youth Assembly President, Solomon “Mandela” Madzore, led scores of MDC members including family and friends who welcomed their beloved friends, husbands, wives, parents, sons and daughters who have been illegally and unfairly detained for periods ranging up to 16 months.

The MDC members are being falsely charged for murdering a cop who is said to have died at a pub in Glenview. 31 people were arrested in connection with those allegations including youth leader Madzore.
However, five of them are still in custody after the court denied them bail arguing that they are a flight risk. The MDC Youth Assembly views this as political persecution arguing that the accused persons did not commit any crime.

Speaking after their release Madzore said even if Mugabe continues to use dirty tactics to frustrate the MDC activists and upset the struggle for a democratic Zimbabwe, it will not take him anywhere and he is going to lose the coming election more than he did in 2008.

Addressing people outside Harvest House, the MDC Youth Assembly Secretary General, Promise Mkwananzi, emphasised the importance of fighting on and finishing off the system to end this continued injustice and rot in the country’s justice system.

He also urged the Party, and the youth in particular, to fight for the remaining 5 to be released because their continued detention is not justified.

“We urge Bhunu and Nyazamba to stop that political behaviour and lift all the false charges they imposed on our members because they did not commit any crime. It is sad that they are doing it to instil frustration on the party,” Mkwananzi said.

Madzore gave his gratitude to the defence team of Beatrice Mtetwa, Gift Mtisi and Jeremiah Bhamu who came to court to facilitate the release of the activists. He also expressed his appreciation to the rest of the defence team members, Aleck Muchadehama, Selby Hwacha and Charles Kwaramba who could not come to the prison yesterday due to other commitments. 

 Youth Assembly commander lashed at the ZANUPF for taking the Judiciary system into the intensive care. He also urged ZANUPF to stop harassing defence Lawyer Charles Kwaramba who is part of the defence team representing the Glenview 31.

MDC Youth Assembly Information department
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MDC Youth Assembly congratulates President Zuma

The MDC Youth Assembly congratulates the South African President for his re-election to lead the ANC for a second term.

We take this opportunity to thank the South Africans for following democratic processes by holding a peaceful process and congratulating the winner without subjecting each other to rule number four of the revolutionary command council.

We hope that the rest of the continent has something to learn from the ANC as a Party taking into consideration that most revolutionary political parties have led autocratic fortresses. Taking for instance, in Zimbabwe, Mugabe has not been contested at an elective congress for more than 32 years.
President Zuma just like South African icon Mandela has proved different in his first term and we hope he will continue in the same spirit.  

President Zuma has come handy on many instances putting his weight in bringing solutions to the Zimbabwean crisis and as the Assembly we feel we owe him a lot for being one of the main reasons why Zimbabwe is making progress towards lasting and sustainable peace.

We are hoping that his guidance and support will usher in a proper environment for a peaceful, free and fair election in Zimbabwe for the first time in the history of the country’s elections. As young people of this beloved nation, we hope we will kiss good bye to a bloodbath that has always been mistaken for polls.
We also urge the youth of Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole to respect their leadership and systems in their respective political institutions, and promote constructive discourse among the youth especially in a democratic society. 

We also look forward to a progressive working relationship with the ANC Youth League that is in the best interest of the young people in Africa. 

As the MDC Youth Assembly we wish President Zuma and the new ANC leadership a fruitful reign at the helm of the party and the South African government and it is our greatest hope that they will selflessly serve the people of South Africa.

“Our era is Now, Let’s do it Now to shape our own destiny”

Solomon Madzore  


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Monday, 17 December 2012

Youth Assembly statement on the granting of bail for the 21 MDC members

The MDC Youth Assembly welcome the news from the High Court in which Justice Chinembiri Bhunu granted bail to 21 MDC activists falsely accused of killing a cop in Glenview in May last year. However we also lament the fact that 5 of them have been denied bail and the court said they cannot be released because they are flight risks. This is not worth mentioning as the 5 were previously on bail and did not breach any bail provision.
The 5 are National Executive member Last Tamai Maengahama, MDCYA Harare province Organising Secretary Rebecca Mafikeni, Gender Rep Yvonne Musarurwa, Glenview Cllr Tungamirai Madzokere and Simon Mapanzure from Mufakose.

We want to give credit to the defence team of Beatrice Mtetwa, Aleck Muchadehama, Gift Mtisi, Charles Kwaramba, Jeremiah Bhamu and Selby Hwacha.

We also want to take this opportunity to congratulate their families who remained resolute and hopeful during the trying times and also urge the families of the remaining 5 to remain strong and hopeful one day justice shall prevail.

We also want to thank cdes and friends who regularly thronged the high court during the trial, the gallery was always full and we also expect that will continue as trial progresses. In that regard we also want to thank those who could not attend the court sessions who made prayers from their homes and offices. 

We also want to give credit to the leadership of the party and that of the Assembly in Particular for organising various pressure initiatives including demonstrations, prayer meetings and rallies across the country.

We therefore urge the state to be professional enough and stop wasting time where trial commences in the next term. We also continue demanding the unconditional release of the remaining five persecuted true cadres of the struggle.

Justice delayed is Justice denied: Free them now!!!

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No general is above the law -Madzore

MDC Youth Assembly will stop any person who will try to undermine people’s will in the forth coming general elections. Even the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) must announce election results in a space of 24 hours after the polls, Assembly President Solomon Madzore has said.

Addressing scores of young people gathered at Mamutse stadium in Masvingo on Saturday Madzore said the Youth Assembly respects the laws of the country that it will not afford to tolerate any individual nor institution that is going to undermine the electoral processes.

Madzore also took a swipe at the state broadcaster saying they are a useless asset abused by ZANUPF to play a political tune.

“ZBC is an evil ZANUPF whistle mistaken for a state broadcaster, it is so wicked and unholy to the extent that even the devil does not want to be associated with it,” Madzore said.
Madzore said the state broadcaster has the last chance to reform and be profffessional in the next election so that it remains an existing institution after a Dr Morgan Tsvangirai victory.

“We do not want to dismantle institutions like ZBC and build new ones, so ZBC has the chance to act like professionals instead of spreading hate speech and propaganda covering for ZANU PF,” Madzore said.

Madzore and his team are on a nationwide tour addressing youth gatherings drumming up support for President Morgan Tsvangirai in the forthcoming watershed plebiscite. 

He was in company of the Youth Real Change team, Promise Mkwananzi Secretary General, Happymore Chidziva deputy Organising Secretary and Clifford Hlatywayo the Assembly’s National Spokesperson. Addressing the gathering Youth Assembly Secretary General Promise Mkwananzi urged youths to register and vote to usher in a democratic and prosperous ‘ZANU PF FREE ZIMBABWE”.

The event was attended by party officials including Hon Oliver Chirume MDCYA Masvingo provincial chairperson, YA National Executive members Sophia Stalichi, Solly Chipfumo and Lovemore Chinoputsa, Cllr Maridza the deputy Mayor of the oldest city in the nation, Hon Tongai Matutu the deputy Minister of Youth who is also the provincial secretary for Masvingo.    

Our era is NOW: Let’s Do it Now to shape our own destiny!!!

MDC Youth Assembly Information department

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Zimbabwe lost a footballer par excellence- condolence message from MDC Youth Assembly President.

MDC Youth Assembly received with great distress and soreness the passing on of one of the three Ndlovu brothers, Adam in a fatal car accident yesterday the 16th day of December 2012.  Zimbabwe has lost a great footballer, inspirational agent and the true dedicated son of the soil. On behalf of MDC Youth Assembly and all the young people of Zimbabwe, I would like to join the Ndlovu family and indeed the entire nation in mourning one of the National Heroes of our time.

His death is not only a loss to the Ndlovu family but also to the entire nation especially the young people.

Together with other starring sportsmen, Ndlovu contributed immensely to the development of football in Zimbabwe. He played alongside gallant sons of this nation such as late Benjamin Konjera, Francis Shonhai, Ephraim Chawanda, Vitalis Takawira, Bruice Grobler, Mugeyi brothers William and Wilfred, Ronald Gidhiza Sibanda, his brothers Super sub Madhinda and Peter, Shepard Muradzikwa, Agent Sau, Earnest Chirambadare, Henry Makop, Wilard Khumalo just to mention but a few. 

Adam “Adamski” Ndlovu was a hardworking man, a striker, goal poacher who scored loads of goals both in Highlanders and national team colours which made him the second top goal scorer of all time in the Warriors colours, just behind his younger brother Peter Ndlovu.

He is a true hero of this land in the field of football. He MUST be declared a National Hero.
We also pray for the fast recovery of his young brother Peter who is receiving medical attention at a private hospital in Bulawayo. God is number one Healer.

As young people of Zimbabwe we emulate his life and contribution to the nation’s development agenda. I would like also to encourage the Ndlovu family to remain resolute in these trying times and look to God himself, the Alpha and Omega of our lives. We will remain focused as a country to accomplish what Adam has been yearning for.

May his soul rest in eternal peace. 

Go well footballer par excellence!!! 

For and on behalf of the young people of Zimbabwe

Solomon “Mandela” Madzore
MDC Youth Assembly President
Our era is NOW: Let’s Do it Now to shape our own destiny!!!

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.