Thursday, 12 June 2014

MDC Youth Assembly statement on 2014 Day of the African Child Commemorations

Youth Assembly SpokespersonThe MDC Youth Assembly joins the rest of Africa in commemorating the 2014 Day of the African Child under its theme “Demanding Accessible, Affordable, Quality Education, Jobs and Equal opportunities for all.”

It is universally acknowledged that education plays an important role in the development of the individual and the country. The right to education is enshrined in various international, regional and national human rights instruments including the Declaration of Human Rights and the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights.

Indeed, the Constitution of Zimbabwe Article 27.1(a) and (b) makes express reference to free and compulsory basic education for children as well as the promotion of higher and tertiary education.
However, Zimbabwe finds itself in a sorry state as the illegitimate government has dismally failed to provide for this basic right. For starters, over a million children have failed to go back to school because government failed to secure funding for the Basic Education Assistance Model, BEAM. Secondly, the conditions of service for teachers and lecturers remain appalling with the sham government mulling measures of not paying teachers during holiday times. Thirdly, the so called government has failed to promote higher and tertiary education as more families are failing to send their children for further education due to financial constraints.

The policies remain retrogressive and do not inspire confidence into the economy thereby negatively affecting social services such as the education sector.

Not only that, the same government has failed to honor its election promise to provide 2.2 million jobs. Instead, more job losses are experienced daily as companies fold under the current liquidity crunch. The majority of the youth find themselves jobless while thousands are forced out of employment due to increased company closures.

In such a crisis, the youth are the main victims.

As we commemorate the Day of the African Child, the MDC Youth Assembly demands that the government acts towards creating a well governed, managed and administered education system that produces world class citizens.

In order for this to happen, the government must ensure that every Zimbabwean has access to a high quality education that will enable them to optimize the use of individual talent and make advancement in a competitive world. Both society and individual must benefit from public expenditure on education.

Therefore, we demand that the student loans and grants in universities and colleges be re-introduced. We further demand that the so called government honors its constitutional obligation to provide free basic education to children.

The MDC Youth Assembly categorically calls for the abandonment of the partisan, anti-investor and non consistent policies being pursued by the Zanu PF government like the ZimAsset and the Indigenisation policy.

All Zimbabwean youths want jobs and equal opportunities for them to realise their maximum potential as economic players. All the people of Zimbabwe want a functional economy that encourage individual and national growth, not cheap political sloganeering as excuse for economic blueprints.

In line with the above, the Assembly will be having commemorations in the following areas

Bulawayo - 14 June 2014 (Youth Arena, Mpopoma-Pelandaba Constituency)
Chitungwiza - 15 June 2014 (Seke, Unit A)
Harare - 16 June 2014 (Harare Gardens)
Midlands - 21 June 2014    (Midlands Hotel)

The youth remain the custodians of the present and guarantors of tomorrow.

I thank you

Clifford Hlatywayo
MDC Youth Assembly National Spokesperson

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Everyone is welcome to the Big Tent

The MDC Youth Assembly is ready to welcome any progressive young person who has seen the light and decides to join the Big tent. The Big Tent is open for every person who is committed to work with others for the realization of full and genuine upliftment of all.

The Newsday of Thursday, 5th of June published a story that ZANU PF youths in Manicaland are planning to join MDC T because they are fed up with ZANU PF’s election lies. They are most welcome to the Big Tent. Thank God they are now realizing that they were being abused by selfish individuals who were bent on self-enrichment at the expense of young people and the generality of the masses.  ZANU PF has a standing record of neglecting the people once they succeed in rigging the vote. Engagement processes are in place to talk to all progressive people who are willing to join the democratic movement in pursuit of real change.

These youth’s argument resonates directly with what the MDC YA has been calling for. The government of the day must play its constitutional and parental responsibility and meet its promises to the people at the same time abide by the supreme law of the day. ZANU PF promised 2.2 million jobs to the people, eleven months after the election more than 500 000 jobs have been lost and none created. 

ZANU PF is tried and tested in lying to the people since independence as a vote rigging strategy. It seems as if they are now caught red handed on their own backyard and the people are saying enough to this.

Some weeks ago we issued a statement that the Assembly shall lead peaceful demonstrations to demand jobs, this call is still alive. We are excited that other youths from ZANU PF has joined and hailed this call. The plight of the youth is a reality that should not be ignored and we are going to demand accountable leadership and fulfillment of all constitutional obligations for the government. 

We demand our JOBS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

For and on behalf of young people of Zimbabwe
Clifford Hlatywayo- National Youth Spokesperson

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

MDCYA on the loss of worriors to Tanzania

The MDC Youth Assembly is greatly pertuped by the diverstating defeat of the Zimbabwe worriors by Tanzania today. This loss is a clear reflection of our national soccer administration. The soccer governing body, ZIFA, cannot function properly and professionally since it is being led by a corrupt, greedy and selfish charecters who also won the ZIFA elections under very suspicious circumstances.

ZIFA is failing to scout, nurture and develop talent like what used to happen during the era of Peter Ndlovu, Benjani Mwaruwaro, Benjamine Konjera, Alois Bunjira and others. It has destroyed the Under 17, 20 and 23 national teams which are critical for building a formidable senior national team.

Even if you hire a coach from Utopia or anywhere in the universe, he cannot do any miracles as long as ZIFA continues to be admistered like a beerhall. As young people and soccer lovers of this country we call for an urgent disbandment of ZIFA followed by a new democratic election of a new ZIFA board without looking at political affiliation.

Cashbert dube and the entire ZIFA board togerher with their technical staff should resign and concetrate on their failed zimaset. We are mobilizing zimasses against them and their god fathers. 

For and on behalf of young people of Zimbabwe

Clifford Hlatywayo
National Youth Spokesperson

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.