Monday, 24 August 2015

MDC-T Youth Assembly Statement on Ban of Dzamara Prayer in Zvishavane.

The military junta and Zanu Pf mafia conspired to ruthlessly suppress the national prayer meeting at Mandava Stadium in Zvishavane on 22 August 2015. Hundreds of armed police and armoured cars were roving around the mining town of Zvishavane since Friday evening with sirens threatening prayerful men and women of Zimbabwe and announcing that their prayer meeting has been banned and anyone who attempted to get to Mandava Stadium to pray will be ruthlessly delt with by the police. 

Despite the threats, thousands of men and women in various church uniforms from different denominations started to trickle towards Mandava Stadium around 9 am for a prayer. They had one agenda, simply to ask the Almighty God to protect Dzamara wherever he is and prevent the lions in whose den he might have been thrown into from harming him. The prayer was also meant to have Dzamara's wife and family get sufficient grace from God to survive in such a trying and painful time of their lives. The prayer was also meant to ask God the Almighty to soften the heart of the wicked men who kidnapped Dzamara to repent and bring back Dzamara Itai. We thank God for all the people who came in their thousands to pray and we say to them your tears, sorrows and mourning as well as pains will not be in vein. The evil ones shall be judged accordingly by the Just God in whom we believe.

Thank you Senator Lilian Timveous for giving shelter and venue in your place for the prayer despite the hovering threat of violence from the mafia. Thank you President Tsvangirai for coming for the prayer. You are the President that we all deserve, a prayerful and God fearing President is all we want in this country. Thank you all civic and political leaders for coming for the prayer. To the mafia we say repent and fear God and have mercy on the people of Zimbabwe and the Dzamara family and bring back our beloved Itai Dzamara.We will continue to pray and by faith we will conquer and be liberated from the mafia. 

Vigilance ndizvo! Oneness ndizvo! Alertness ndizvo! Confidence ndizvo!  Together we will bring back Dzamara and together we will complete the change and build a nation on good foundation of the fear of God, justice, freedom, solidarity and equal opportunities for all.

B Dube

MDC -T Youth Assembly Spokesperson

Monday, 6 July 2015


The reforms that the MDC-T is demanding are very simple and clear:

1)ZEC must be independent, professional and impartial in conducting its mandate.
2)There must be a levelling of the electoral environment.
3)There must be guarantee of the right to vote for every Zimbabwean, home and abroad.
4)A genuine and authentic voters roll must be maintained and given to all stakeholders.
5)Delimitation of constituences must be done based on proper population and demographic factors according to the voters roll and settlement features.
6)Media Reform and fair coverage by public media for all parties.
7) Security sector reform and realignment where the army, police and CIO are out of party politics and vote freely.
8) Provisions must be put in place to protect the people's will and smooth transfer of power.
9)Traditional leaders and other community leaders must not engage in partisan political activities.
10)Freedom of association and political tolerance must prevail.

From this,it is clear that the demands are not even too high, they are not even expensive, they are not technical. The demands are simple and practical and are in line with the best practice in all democracies.

Why vote when your vote will not be respected?
Why vote when your vote does not count?
Why vote when you are not allowed to freely choose whom you want to vote for?
Why vote when your other brother and sister has been denied to vote because he lives outside the country looking for money to feed you back home?
Why vote in an election where you vote together with those long dead?
Why vote when its up to ZEC and the Junta to determine who wins?


Brian Dube
National Youth Assembly Spokesperson (MDC-T)