Monday, 25 March 2013

Youth President Solomon Madzore Returns

Youth President Solomon (Mandela) Madzore returned from his trip in Europe where he was accompanied by other youth leaders from other political parties in the Inclusive Government. He was welcomed by enthusiastic and energetic party youths at the Harare International Airport. He addressed the media and the crowd at the airport urging all young people to go and register to vote and to encourage their peers to do likewise.

In his address he denounced the recent arrest of top human rights lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa and officials from the PM’s office, and stated that there is need for a peaceful environment before going for elections.
 “We have been looking at each other as enemies for a very long time but as youths we should just see ourselves as Zimbabweans before anything. There is hope for prosperity in Zimbabwe if the youths worked together’’, lamented Madzore.

With unemployment at over 80 percent, Madzore said it was important for youths to work together in fighting poverty and rebuilding the economy.

"We may fight as youths but at the end of the day our problems are the same. Many of us are unemployed despite having relevant qualifications but how do build the economy when we are always fighting?" he added.

Madzore acknowledged all Zimbabweans who participated at the just ended referendum and said that young people are happy that a new constitution is on its way. he called for discipline among youths as we head for watershed elections where President Tsvangirai is going to win outright.
Welcome back, Solomon "Mandela" Madzore
Together to the end, building a youth with a difference.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Stop insane brutality!!!!

“Stop this; it’s illegal, unconstitutional and undemocratic” Beatrice Mtetwa 2013

The MDC Youth Assembly does not condone any form of intimidation, harassment and victimization of people by state security institutions. We condemn the arrest and continued detention of human rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa, advocate Thabani Mpofu, Felix Matsinde, Mehluli Tshuma, Anna Muzvidziwa, former Harare councilor Warship Dumba, Spiwe Vera and Elizabeth Banda.

 We call upon the relevant authorities to release them, they deserve freedom. It is shocking and surprising at the same time that someone is arrested for practicing law. Since when has practicing law became a crime. This is utter miscarriage of justice if not an abortion of justice. We refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. This shows how desperate the despotic ZANU PF party is. We are with the families of the detainees during these trying times.

 We want to make it clear that representing members of the MDC is not a crime therefore it is clear insanity to treat them like criminals.  Zimbabwe has slowly been turned into a police state. The police are now showing that they are a circus of clowns.  Zanu PF is fooling itself and must learn from the past that arresting and intimidating human rights defenders does not make them weak but rather stronger.

Beatrice Mtetwa has been one of the vocal human rights lawyers who have been representing several individuals on trumped up charges. She has been the voice of the voiceless and has been the protector of the oppressed. She is also the lead lawyer representing the 31 MDC members falsely accused of murdering a police officer in Glen view.

The courts must strive to clear all cases of people on bail and those in remand prisons as their freedom and their lives are being infringed.

MDC Youth Assembly Information department
Together to the end, building a youth with a difference.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Yes Vote is inevitable- one day to go

The new charter which is to be voted at the referendum on Saturday the 16th of March 2013, is a firm foundation towards building a democratic, progressive and prosperous nation. Though not that perfect, it provides an opportunity for the sons and daughters of this nation to excel and progress in different sectors of life.
The MDC Youth Assembly sees as taking this country backwards by trying to resist this draft. A yes vote is inescapable.   
This draft constitution was described by many young people as an empowering document. It provides for free basic education, guarantees people’s socio-economic and political rights, youths and women are being uplifted, the earlderly and war veterans are being respected, the disadvantaged and vulnerable are being put as a development priority sector.
The referendum presents us with an opportunity to create a conducive environment for our nation to move on and not remain stagnant with a retrogressive constitution such as the Lancaster house constitution.
Devolution of power to many young people is beneficial, giving local the mandate to make development decisions is strategic and profitable. Giving the provinces power of their development plans and resources so as to ensure all resources develop the nation.
Another new feature in the new charter is a limited presidential term of a maximum of two 5 year term. This is being done to nearly every country for instance South Africa, Botswana, USA among others. Coupled with this is the certainty of election date, instead of the hearsay and rumor mills we are accustomed too.

A yes vote guarantees a new Zimbabwe with a new President with people at heart and in action.

Everyone must be involved in determining our nation’s destiny. VOTE YES to a good constitution.
‘Our era is now let’s do it now to shape our own destiny’

MDC Youth Assembly Information department

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

MDC Youth march in support of yes vote

MDC Youth march in support of yes vote

Today 12 March, MDC Youths march in the streets of Harare in support of a yes vote at the referendum to be held on Saturday the 16th March 2013.

They were encouraging the Zimbabwean people to vote yes. “When voting yes to the new charter at the referendum, the people will be voting for a new Zimbabwe. The Yes vote must win overwhelmingly. Every individual must take his/her national identity card on Saturday morning and go to a nearest polling station and vote for yes”, charged the youth commander Solomon ‘Mandela’ Madzore.  

The yes vote is a foundation towards a progressive, prosperous and democratic nation. The MDC Youth Assembly is mobilising people across the country to vote yes to draft constitution and subsequently vote for President Morgan Tsvangirai at the Harmonised elections to be held anytime thereafter.
MDC Youth Assembly Information Department

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Shunning of international election observers irrational

 MDC Youth Assembly dismisses the move to prohibit international election observers from other countries especially from Europe as unprogressive, unfounded and unthought-of. The decision to allow and not allow must be a collective one at a cabinet level not at a part level.

As the Youth Assembly of the people’s party we feel and treat such utterances and move as a ZANU PF party position not a national one. This move is backwardness and misplaced since Zimbabwe is being governed collectively by three political parties in the Inclusive government. The Prime Minister of this Republic Dr Morgan Tsvangirai must be consulted on the matter. 

ZANU PF must not, and should not in any way be allowed to irrationally interfere with the election process and they are advised to conduct themselves professionally.  There is nowhere in the world where a player chooses his/her own referee or lines-man. It’s unthinkable. 

The question from an ordinary Zimbabwean will be; what do they want to hide? Why do they fear international observers? These utterances are a reflection of the fear that has engulfed the out-going Zanu PF ahead of the general election that is definitely going to signature the New Zimbabwe triumph card.

The Assembly urges all Zimbabweans not to panic by such a move. The elections must be observed by all who are interested to do so to ensure high levels of transparency. This clearly shows that ZANU PF is intending to interfere with the operations of ZEC. ZEC must be an independent body that can make its own decisions in line with the provisions of the supreme law. 

The nation’s watchful eye will be on these ambassadors of doom who are restlessly drafting recipes of rigging and concocting menus of robbery on democracy thirsty citizens’ rights. 

Our message is clear:

Zimbabweans are thirsty for peaceful, free and fair plebiscite. Stop early rigging, the world is watching you.

For and on behalf of the young people of Zimbabwe
MDC Youth Assembly Information Department

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

MDC Youth Assembly Statement on March 11, 2013

The Youth Assembly recognizes 11 March as an important day in the history of the party and Zimbabwe as a whole.

Following the Barbaric attack on the party leadership in Highfield, SADC accepted that indeed there is a crisis in Zimbabwe. The reality shown by the beating of President Morgan Tsvangirai and the entire MDC leadership who were attending a Save Zimbabwe prayer meeting on this day in 2007 proved to every sane mind that Zanu Pf leadership is not only a dictator but a ruthless enemy of human rights.

6 Years down the line ZANU PF has not changed its evil behavior and continues to arrest and harass human rights activists and everyone who is against ZANU PF misrule.

Of great importance to the Youth Assembly is the continued persecution of the Assembly President Leader Solomon “Mandela ” Madzore and 30 others.

Madzore together with the 28 MDC members today spend their day in court. National Executive member Last Maengahama, Yvonne Musarurwa, Rebecca Mafikeni, Tungamirai Madzokere, Simon Mapanzure have been in Remand for close to two years.

False allegations of murdering a cop who died at a popular pub in Glenview have been laid against 31 but the state has failed beyond doubt to prove their case.

Edmore Nyazamba representing the state has continued to buy time to ensure the 5 remain in custody.
Zimbabweans however have the chance to choose a destiny that breaks the chains of a 33 year old autocratic rule by Mugabe. 

On the 16th of this month the nation should vote YES for a new Constitution and do away with the one Mugabe amended infinite times.

This new pact will move some steps towards ensuring respect for human rights and rule of law in the country. It will also ensure that we move from government notices to government policies.

Chihuri and friends have been harassing Zimbabweans for owning cranking radios, that will stop.
More importantly the nation will hold watershed elections and do away with Mugabe and his mercenaries in ZANU PF, ensuring that the People’s party takes over.

The MDC will ensure that there is Peace, Progress, Freedom and Justice in the country. Arrests of innocent people like Jestina Mukoko stops. What happened on the 11th of March 2011 must be an issue of the past.

The Assembly urges all the young people to register and vote wisely, this is the chance to make the right choice that will ensure political and economical transformation.  

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

Thursday, 7 March 2013


1. There is devolution of power and responsibilities to lower tiers of government and especially to the provincial tier of government.

2. The President has a limited term of office of a maximum of two five year terms. Other key officers of the state including to commanders of security services, permanent secretaries, the clerk of parliament also have limited terms of office.

3. Dual or multiple citizenship is guaranteed in respect of all Zimbabwean citizens by birth. Multiple or dual citizenship is allowed in respect of Zimbabwean citizens by descent and registration although this may be prohibited by an act of parliament when parliament deems this necessary.

4. The people formerly commonly referred to as aliens, who were born in Zimbabwe but of parents from the SADC region are now Zimbabweans by birth and as such they are entitled to vote or be voted for.

5. All Zimbabwean citizens irrespective of circumstance are entitled to vote and are entitled to free and fair elections without any form of violence and other electoral malpractices.

6. All Zimbabwean workers, including civil servants have a right to fair and reasonable wages, as well as fair and safe labour standards and practices.

7. All Zimbabwean workers including civil servants have the right to collective bargaining for the determination of their wages and other conditions of service.

8. There is now an independent National Prosecuting Authority in charge if all criminal prosecutions meaning that the the Attorney General being legal advisor to government no longer has prosecuting powers.

9. All security services are under the constitution and subject to parliamentary oversight. Members of security services can not be members of political parties. They are not allowed to further or prejudice the interests of a political party or cause and shall observe fundamental rights and freedoms.

10. There now is a National Peace and Reconciliation Commission which among other things deals with post conflict justice healing and reconciliation.

11. Every Zimbabwean is entitled to free basic education.

12. The elderly are entitled to reasonable care and assistance, health care and medical assistance, and social security and welfare from the state.

13. Every child is entitled among other things to the provision of a birth certificate, education, health care services, nutrition and shelter. They may not be recruited into any militia.

14. The veterans of the liberation struggle include those who fought in the war of liberation and those who assisted the fighters, detainees and restrictees. As such they are entitled to recognition and suitable welfare such as pension and access to basic health care.

15. The people living with disabilities are now entitled to the means to make them more self reliant and to state funded education and treatment when they need it.

16. There is now established a Constitutional Court which among other things deals with the protection of the people against human rights abuses.

17. Every Zimbabwean person has freedom from torture, cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment or punishment.

18. Every person has the right to personal security and has freedom from all forms of violence. Further every person has the right to privacy and against any entry or search of their homes property or premises.

19. All elections are going to be held in the last month of the Presidential term meaning that the election period has been made certain.

20. The Anti Corruption commission can direct the Commissioner General of police to investigate and act on alleged corruption and when so ordered the Commissioner General of police shall obey the directive.

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

ZANU PF is allergic to PEACE

Violence is the biggest weapon used by cowered people to pretend as if they are in charge. The recent escalation of the killings, harassments, battings, and massive intimidation by ZANU PF to innocent civilians both in rural and urban areas are shocking.

 This clearly shows that ZANUPF solely depends on instilling fear in people. 

 ZANU PF has got a proven track record of organised state sponsored successful violence deeply rooted in the country’s selectorate of the armed forces and the secret service. These have been used to undermine civilian authority.

 War veterans and vigilante militia groups such as El Sharbab, Top six and Chipangano are also part of the band wagon.

The murdering of a 12 year old Christpowers Maisiri in Headlands last week is a testimony that ZANU PF is allergic to peace. To them peace is a life threat, they do not like to be associated with peace. This confirms that to them peace is toxic. If ZANU PF hears and talks about peace, they think and act opposite.  

The Movement for Democratic Change Youth Assembly (MDCYA) condemns in the strongest terms any act and form of violence.

 Young people are the future of this country, hence building a peaceful nation now; anchored on strong foundation of love, respect and honesty is beneficial to all generations. The Assembly is seriously concerned when seeds of violence and intolerance are transmitted from generation to generation.
The forces of darkness in ZANUPF, who continue to recklessly disregard the right of Zimbabweans to join and support a political grouping of their choice, must disappear.
Zimbabweans know it well that ZANU PF does not want real development and genuine emancipation of the general populace; instead it is a party full of selfish individuals with self aggrandisement at the back of their heads. 
They loot in broad day light in the name of indigenisation; diamonds are not being accounted for among other economic atrocities being committed. The Mike Madiro saga has lot of words stories behind the story. The continued illegal arrests and harassment of rights groups should stop immediately. 

The formation of the Inclusive government in essence was a noble foundation towards setting the ground for a new political framework. Literally this process has been failing to move forward because of Zanu Pf’s thugery and crook tendencies towards the full implementation and adherence to the provisions of the GPA. 

The Youth Assembly has embarked on a nationwide campaign denouncing violence at all its rallies. It is working tirelessly to advocate for a violent free Zimbabwe. 

The Assembly calls upon all relevant authorities especially police to arrest those who murdered young Maisiri and those who are perpetrating violence across the country. ZANU PF must stop the violence now. Zimbabwe needs a peaceful referendum and elections now.

MDC Youth Assembly Information Department
Together to end,building a youth with a difference.