Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mat South Youth Assembly Resolution

At it's meeting held on the 22/02/14  at MDC T Gwanda provincial office 

Noting the socio economic & political hardships facing the country,  especially the levels of poverty enduered by young pple in Mat South, the Assembly resolved that a solution of a new Zim is only attainable under the leadership of Dr M R Tsvangirai. 

We also noted that the calls for leadership renewal outside the party organs were not only tarnishing the name of Dr MT but putting the party into disrepute. As vanguard we call upon those wishing to contest any position to wait for such a time where we shall go again for an elective congress and stop undermining the authority of the elected  President.

While the Mat South youth assembly acknowledge that elections on the 31/07/13 were rigged we feel that the treasury sabotaged the campaign by under funding the whole process. By declaring himself a President, Mangoma must be investigated since the youth have a strong suspicion that he has channelled party funds to himself preparing his renewal debacle, hence sabotaging the elections. The youth also resolved that Mangoma  by continuing engaging with the press and trumped up charges to fellow leaders and therfor tarnishing the name of the party, the Mat South youth assembly  has therefore we recommend  that  the Deputy treasury General Mr Mangoma be suspended  for disciplinary committee to take action

As vanguards we also call upon provincial and districts members who  are in cahoots and are continuing engaging with rebels on party issues to stop it forthwith failure will result in disciplinary action against them.

As youth we have lost confidance in the leadership of Watchy Sibanda, we passed a vote of no confidance and there for call him to vacate the chairmanship position forthwith for failing to lead.
 1. Lack of accountability               
2)he has kept the Party's new Isuzu truck at his home from last year February upto date hence we give him seven days to surrender the vehicle to the prov office by 9/03/14
3) the chairman attended a clandestine meeting in Nyanga of which details were not disclosed to the province. 
4) The chairman has not called for a meeting for the past seven months. In Nov 2013 the Pres was penciled to come to our province the chairman never communicated,  therby subortaging the said visit
5)For promoting factionalism in the party.  5)Undermining the office of an elected official of congress.
6) For betrayal of the people who elected him

We remain confident & steadfast in the leadership of Dr M R Tsvangirai he will be our Presidential candidate for both 2016 congress & 2018 general elections 

May God Bless Mat South

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

ZANU PF playing tricks on MDC internal issues.

The MDC Youth Assembly condemns both the arrest and detention of its National Executive Member James Chidhakwa on allegations of violence. Despite the fact that section 117 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act makes bail an entitlement to every Zimbabwean citizen, the courts have decided to ignore it.

The magistrate claims that Chidhakwa is likely to interfere with witnesses of which he is not even aware who the witnesses are and above all he is innocent until proven otherwise by a competent court of law. In the state’s opposition of bail, the prosecutor sounds like leader Chidhakwa has committed the said offence, when in actual fact even the said complainant know what exactly transpired at Harvest House on that day. 

We demand that he be released on bail and if the state is serious let them prove it in court rather than have him serve before he is even heard.

The MDC Youth Assembly is opposed to the use of violence of any nature to solve problems but to make claims on every individual who is not on your side is equally unacceptable.

ZANUPF is taking advantage of these temporary disturbances within our party to destabilise our institution by arresting our members. These disturbances believed to be sponsored by ZANU PF will soon end amicably.

ZANUPF abuses state institutions to pursue their sinister agenda, we demand that the police be professional and the judiciary be impartial.

We however urge the youths in the Party to continue their solidarity with their leader, Chidhakwa until justice is done.

We also urge the rest of the young people to remain calm and ensure that tranquillity prevails. MDC under the leadership of President Morgan Tsvangirai is a solid people’s party that cannot be shaken or destroyed by people with shallow personal interests.  

Long live leader Chidhakwa
Long live the people’s struggle

MDC Youth Assembly Information Department.

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The People’s Struggle will Continue Unabated

MDC is a people's project that will never die. The current disturbances will find their way out soon. Every member in the party is aware that it is the work of the enemy aimed at diverting our focus
and thrust. 

MDC is a party that does not condone violence amongst all other ills such as corruption and we stand guided by democratic tenets and values.

The MDC Youth Assembly would like to reiterate its standing and binding position that those who are calling for President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai to resign must hold their horses and not continuously punch above their weight. It is our belief that such unstrategic calls are aimed at undermining democracy by calling for primitive short-cuts meant to short-circuit the internal democratic processes as enshrined in the supreme party constitution.

The Assembly from its membership to leadership at all levels unequivocally re-stated that those making such inopportune calls must wait for the party elections which are held every five years to elect the party leadership. Any serious MDC member would know the next congress date and it is only fair that any such leadership renewal takes place at that appropriate time.

All these premature calls for leadership renewal only serve to weaken the party divide the party and legitimise the persecution of President Tsvangirai and his team by the state media, unscrupulous individuals and ZANU PF members based on cooked, unfounded and unsubstantiated allegations.

The Youth Assembly National Executive that met last week in the capital made it clear that President Tsvangirai and his team have done a sterling job against a militarized regime bent on annihilating the
opposition and retaining power by hook or crook in national elections. 

In short, what the last week's Youth National Executive meeting therefore resolved unequivocally was that it shall continue to support President Tsvangirai and his leadership unreservedly, unapologetically and shall stand by him and his team side by side and step by step all the way to the 2018 General Elections .

Long live MDC
Long live the people of Zimbabwe
Long Live the struggle For A Democratic Zimbabwe.

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Resolutions of the MDC Youth National Executive Committee Meeting held on the 8th of February 2014,

The National Executive of the MDC Youth Assembly met in the capital at the weekend to deliberate contemporary issues affecting the youth, Party and the country in general.
The meeting reaffirms its continued commitment and dedication to the people’s struggle for real upliftment and total emancipation for all.
The National Executive reiterates the Assembly’s standing position of its unshakable support, uncompromised loyalty and undiluted confidence in President Morgan Tsvangirai.
Noting that abject poverty remains youth’s number one enemy, and that economic upliftment is our birthright, the Assembly resolved:
·         To demand for the provision of jobs for all young people and equal opportunities for all

·         That the Youth Fund is a national fund to which all youth are eligible regardless of their political affiliation.

·         To embark on a more robust approach to mobilize resources and establish an investment vehicle for the youth

·         To support youth to take up leadership positions in business and politics

·         To support personal development initiatives for the youth.
Determined to achieve gender parity in all spheres of life, the meeting resolved to scale up its campaign for equal opportunities for all and undertake coordinated programs aimed at uplifting young women.
Concerned by the continued corruption and looting that has gone unabated in parastatals and government institutions, the Assembly demands that the relevant Ministries and authorities should investigate and prosecute those involved in the malpractices.    
Realizing the continued discord and contradictions in the media and general lack of discipline in the Assembly, the executive resolved that only the Information department is mandated to speak to the media with immediate effect.
Recognizing that the 31st of July 2013 election was stolen, the Party remains united and firmly behind the Party President, the Assembly therefore, reassures the people that the Party is still intact and actually preparing for the next election with Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai as our candidate.

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.