Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Zimbabwe Welcomes President Madzore

The Youth Assembly would like to applaud thousands of youth and democracy starved citizens from all corners of Zimbabwe who befitted a thunderous welcome to the Youth Assembly president Solomon ‘Mandela’ Madzore after exactly 415 days in incarceration. A convoy of cars laden with joyous party youths, friends and relatives brought Harare to a standstill as citizens waved the open palm of freedom, liberty and change. President Solomon Madzore appeared before  hundreds of youths who showed their joy whistle, struggle song- with some breaking into tears.

Leader Costa Machingauta, Deputy President of the Youth Assembly who was at the helm of the Assembly during the President's trying times handed over the Barret of Honor to President Solomon 'Mandela' Madzore.

'I saw a new Zimbabwe' :

Flanked by former fellow inmate Lovemore Taruvinga Magaya, the rest of the Youth Assembly leadership, National Organising Secretary Nelson Chamisa and National Spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora among other leaders, firebrand Youth Assembly President described how he vividly had an encounter with a new Zimbabwe while he was incarcerated and urged the Youth and the broader people  of Zimbabwe to remain steadfast.

He lamented at the state of prisons and delivered a message from the Chikurubi family-inmates and workers who are pregnant with expectations that the broader Zimbabwean family will play their role in delivering Zimbabwe to the promised land.

Aluta Continua!!

With the youth commander now back in the cockpit, the Youth Assembly vows to scale up struggle in this final lap towards Real Transformation as reiterated by the freed president Solomon Madzore. The president declared that all set for President Morgan Tsvangirai’s  ascendency into power and it is the obligation of the Zimbabwean to push to the finishing line as we are in the final lap – the last mile towards real transformation.
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