Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Congratulations to Obama, lessons for Zimbabwe and Africa

The MDC Youth Assembly would like to congratulate President Barack Obama on his re-election to become the 44th president of America in the November 6 plebiscite. The Assembly would like to relay its warmest congratulations to the American people and the mature democracy that carried   the day.
Democratic compatriots: President Tsvangirai and President Obama
The American plebiscite should go a long way in teaching the enemies of democracy scattered across the world, in Africa and in Zimbabwe in particular what it is like to give citizens the chance to freely choose who and how they want to be governed.   
A big fresh leaf should be drawn from this plebiscite which saw the electorate being given a chance to listen to the views of the candidates, freely weigh and make informed choices characteristics which have increasingly became taboo in the politics of our homeland. That the runner up openly accepts defeat and congratulates the victor should be cherished by everyone as the greatest respect of the democratic process. Greater participation of citizens in democratic processes as showcased by the high voter turnout especially the youth should be emulated.
Contrary to this showcase of respect of the peoples’ will, is the chaos that our non-repentant tired counterparts from Zanu Pf have decided to unceremoniously attach to elections and democratic process. The American lesson should cascade to these fellows and they should be ashamed of their gruesome deeds of devouring people over their choices.
As Zimbabwe gears for crucial processes in the form of the referendum and the harmonized election, the Youth Assembly would like to challenge Zimbabweans from all walks of life to envy the American plebiscite – have high levels of peace and tolerance, go out in numbers to vote; have losers peacefully concede defeat and uphold the will of the people.  
The Assembly would like to challenge young people to go out in numbers to register to vote, and go vote as we are the determinants of our country’s destiny.
                           “Our Era is Now: Let’s do it Now to shape our own destiny.”
Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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