Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Chairman’s note

Ladies and Gentleman after a long time of incarceration I am back and business continues as usual and we need to move with speed so that we are not overtaken by events. I salute the Cdes who were in charge of business in the assembly in my absence.

We welcome the budget presented by Hon Tendai Biti specifically on his intention to use money collected from luxuries (Alcohol and Tobacco) excise duty to subsidise education which is a plus for the young people in schools and tertiary institutions. We also salute his intension of instilling discipline in government expenditure and encouraging savings by scraping bank charges for deposits of less than $800.
I hope the government will also come up with policies that will ensure growth with development through employment and lift millions of our youths from poverty.

The diamond sector should be further tightened to make sure we do not lose out as a country and just have the people of Chiyadzwa suffering effects of eviction when the nation is not benefiting. It is sad to note that the total revenue from diamond received by treasury in 2012 was 41 million against the potential in the industry.
I however want you to note with seriousness that the budget reminds us that elections have been budgeted for and will definitely be held next year and as the Youth Assembly we need to take the responsibility unto our own shoulders, the fate of our party depends on us. As Hon Minister Biti noted, violent elections is biggest risk for economy for 2013, let’s desist from using violence before, during and after elections.

I urge all the young people to register to vote and decide for ourselves who should lead the nation, where possible-with capacity to deliver consider standing to contest an election. Political violence resurfacing in Mutoko with houses of members of our party being burnt is highly unacceptable and I urge JOMIC to move with speed and restore sanity otherwise elections will be insignificant. I also urge the police to work with them(JOMIC) and make sure that justice prevails.  

I am also glad on the progress made on the constitution making process from my following in newspapers brought to me in prison, however we urge those involved to treat this progressively and make sure we have  a referendum as soon as possible so that we step up towards a free and fair election.

I take this opportunity to congratulate President Barack Obama for his re-election and I hope that we as Zimbabweans have to learn from the way they conducted their election. It is also good to congratulate the Chinese Communist party for renewing their leadership taking note  the average age(55 years) of their new leadership although  more can be done to improve their gender policy and democratic system.
Zimbabwe has lost a lot of opportunities to develop and catch up with its peers like Malaysia and Brazil. We are therefore at a time where we need all Zimbabweans, here and abroad to start pulling in one direction. A house that is divided cannot stand, the MDC youth Assembly should and is already working towards electing a government for Zimbabwe and by Zimbabweans led by one President M R Tsvangirai of one political party MDC.

Finally ladies and gentleman let us stay in solidarity with the Heroes who are still in custody , we should continue to show them our support until justice prevails.

I thank you all for the support that you gave me I feel humbled not forgetting the great work being done by the defence counsel led by Beatrice Mtetwa.

The Last Mile: Towards Real Transformation!!!


Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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