Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Youth ready to finish it

Zimbabwean youth are geared to finish the struggle for real change and have vowed to resolutely stamp forward in this last mile towards real transformation. 

Speaking during a Vote Yes campaign rally, dubbed ‘My Voice is in. My Vote is Yes ’ on Saturday  in Gutu South, the Youth Assembly Secretary for Information and Publicity Clifford Hlatywayo declared that the youth feel challenged to determine the destiny of Zimbabwe and  will definitely do so. “We are the generation to stay. This is our  era to take forward the nation and leave a legacy for the next generation”-Clifford said.

Thousands of youth, women and man from Gutu South thronged Maungwa business center which was colored red and declared their commitment to vote yes to the people’s constitution and prepare to vote for change in a peaceful, free and fair election. The youth also vowed to defend their vote and safeguard their future.
 Masvingo Province Youth Chairperson and Gutu Central MP Hon Oliver Chirume urged young people to vote Yes to the constitution, register to vote,  and vote for  Change in the forthcoming plebiscite. He urged youth to be prepared to defend their vote against all odds.
The youth rally was  graced by Youth Assembly Secretary for mines Solly Chipfumo and Youth Assembly Manicaland National Representative Lastone Julius among other esteemed youth leaders.
The youth accepted the constitution as guarantor of Peace, Rights and Freedoms , Jobs, Genuine Upliftment and Equality and have said it will go a long way as a solid foundation on which incremental gains to the social contract will be progressively made.

Mpofu and Zanu Pf must stop the looting :
The youth real change train took it through Nganga North on Sunday where another Vote Yes campaign rally attracted thousands of democracy thirst citizens from all walks of life.
Nyanga North MP, the MDC National Spokesperson Hon Douglas Mwonzora,  who graced the rally at Ruwange Growth Point described the Copac draft constitution as the greatest opportunity so far for young Zimbabweans to take control of their own destiny.
Youth in Nyanga however expressed great concern at the rate at which diamonds were being siphoned to smooch the personal interests of a few in Zanu Pf at the expense of thousands peasantified locals who are reeling under a myriad of challenges.
Great worries were expressed over the Minister of Mines, Mpofu’s wealth which has since been exponentially ballooning and have called for him to be thoroughly investigated.
The locals also expressed concern over the exploitation of diamond resources to construct a  Zanu Pf conference center in Gweru while their children lack adequate educational infrastructure. Worries are mounting over the fact that Manicaland province is the only province in the country that has not been blessed with a state university yet it is abundantly blessed with mineral resources in the form of diamonds which can change not only their fortune but the nation’s fortune.
The Assembly continues to urge Zimbabweans to remain resolute as the real change dream is near fruition.

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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