Monday, 24 September 2012

Youth Assembly 101% behind the YES VOTE

My Voice is in, My Vote is Yes!!!

The final draft of the Constitution is a commendable step towards the achievement of the free and democratic Zimbabwe that we have been fighting for in the last decade. A Supreme Constitution promoting fundamental human rights which include social, cultural and economic rights is responsive to our call for a culture of constitutionalism and a free society. 

We cannot resist applauding our COPAC leaders for articulating the people’s views in coming up with a reform-oriented draft that has captured most of all the outstanding key areas of reform including media freedom, security sector reform, gender equity, judicial independence, an independent prosecuting authority and other independent commissions and institutions that support our democracy. 

MDC Vote Yes Campaign Launch
We are content that this draft will go a long way in creating a constitution that fulfils the wishes and aspirations of our people’s quest for a free Zimbabwe for all that live in it. 

The MDC Youth Assembly strongly believes that the draft represents the voice of the people who participated in the outreach programme that was held throughout the country.

ZANU PF on the other hand is unrepentantly trying to smuggle their party agendas to protect what’s left of their grip on power. Lest they forget, they were causing chaos and pandemonium during the outreach forgetting that a Constitution is a document made up of the people’s views on how they want to be governed rather than a tool for consolidating power.
Hon D Mwonzora- COPAC Chairperson

They have gone on, behind closed doors, to make a total of 266 changes to the official draft.  That is unacceptable and it has to stop now. We cannot continue to entertain Zanu PF’s petty partisan politics, the people must speak.

Faced with this predicament as a nation, also noting the endorsement of the Draft by the three parties in the GPA, the Assembly has resolved:

·         To endorse the draft in its entirety and rally behind the party`s position on the same

·         To reject in totality attempts to re-open and/or re-negotiate the draft by any of three political parties in the GPA

·         To embrace SADC recommendations for the parties in the GPA to adhere to the election road map encapsulated in the GPA

·         To go out in full force to mobilize our supporters and allies to support the YES vote in the referendum

This is the constitution of the people, by the people and no political party is bigger than the people it represents. If ZANU PF wants to write a constitution, they are free to write one for their party and not for the country. No negotiations on the draft, the people’s views must be respected at all costs!!!
“Our Era is Now: Let’s Do it Now to shape our own destiny”

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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