Friday, 14 September 2012

Who killed Inspector Mutedza?

The testimony by Inspector Mutedza’s young brother, Tichaona Mutedza, has exposed the gross political manipulation and raping of the justice system.
Any doubts that this is a clear case of political persecution of innocent change advocates has been wiped off.
Insp Mutedza
The police informed the Mutedza family that Petros Mutedza had been struck once on the left side of the head and died as a result.
29 activists are being arraigned before the courts on murder charges, all of them remanded in custody. The courts have it that Mutedza was hit by a blunt object on the head, once, and died as a result of this attack.
Tichaona Mutedza testified that his late brother’s chest had blood flowing down to his Private parts. His private parts were missing. His uniform was torn with buttons missing. He had injuries on his head which included an opening on the forehead covered with cotton wool. He had an opening on the right cheek.
…. And all this, someone want us to believe was caused by the single strike on the head.
Tichaona further put it that he had been informed before his brother’s death, that his life was in danger. Petros Mutedza was one of the key witnesses lined up by the State to give evidence against Themba Mliswa who is facing a charge of extortion (article published in the Newsday on 31 May 2012).
This naturally triggers a series of questions in any sane and sober man’s mind. 29 people could have lifted a single stone and hailed it at the deceased? The stone hit the head, tore open the forehead, reared open the cheek, tore the uniform, mutilated the private parts!!!??
Several state witnesses have been laying across diverse and conflicting statements. One Inspector Joshua Daka told the courts that Mutedza fell from a speeding-off truck and hit his head hard on the tarmac. Another witness put it that Mutedza was seen running from a bar after an altercation with patrons.
Is Solo responsible for the missing private parts?
Are the 29 responsible for the tattered shirt with missing buttons?
The majority of the incarcerated never set their feet on the scene of the alleged crime on that particular.
The bravery of Tichaona Mutedza is greatly applausible. He has painstakingly stated that the 29 are innocent, should be released and the police hunt for the real murderers of his brother.
 This is a clear evidence of absence of justice, law, freedom and the respect of our own constitution and agreements. Their arrest and detention is both political and illegal hence unconstitutional. It’s a well calculated ploy to destabilise the MDC, mainly the youth assembly as the nation heads towards a plebiscite.
Innocent and Inside...Chikurubi Maximum Prison
 29 members holding various portfolios are locked up. Innocent youth, youth leaders, party members, national executive members and human rights activists are languishing in custody over such hogwash of trumped up charges. The families and friends of the incarcerated live in perpetual agony and toil up and down daily to comfort their locked up loved ones. Families have been destabilized, breadwinners are locked up on false charges and dependents’ lives are in quandary.
The uncertainty over the fate of the incarcerated just sends chills down the spines of party members and fellow youths.
Then the question remains unanswered; who killed inspector Mutedza.

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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