Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Resolutions of the MDC Youth Assembly (The Assembly) National Council, of September 2012, Harvest House, Harare

Following the Youth National Executive and National Council Meetings Held on the 30th and 31st of September 2012 respectively, the Assembly Resolved:

1.       The continued incarceration of Madzore and 28 others
Disturbed by the continued detention, the slow pace of the justice delivery system and the incessant denial of bail to the same, the Assembly resolved:

·         To intensify the free Solomon Madzore and others campaign
·         To engage and pile more pressure on strategic institutions such as SADC, JOMIC, Organ for National Healing, Cabinet, Parliament and other relevant government institutions

2.       Constitution Making Process
Noting the endorsement of the COPAC draft (The Draft) by the three parties in the GPA, the Assembly resolved:

·         To endorse the draft in its entirety and rally behind the party`s position on the same
·         To reject in totality attempts to re-open and/or re-negotiate the draft by any of three political parties in the GPA
·         To embrace SADC recommendations for the parties in the GPA to adhere to the election roadmap encapsulated in the GPA
·         To go out in full force to mobilize our supporters and allies to support the YES vote in the referendum

3.                   Voter Registration and Election Preparedness
Cognizant that the coming election will be a watershed election, the assembly resolved:

·         To redouble efforts in the voter education and registration exercise, with a particular focus on first time voters

5.                   Youth Upliftment
Aware that abject poverty remains youth`s number one enemy, the Assembly resolved:

·         To declare that the youth fund is a national fund to which all youths are entitled regardless of their political affiliation
·         To intensify efforts to ensure that more youths access the loan
·         To support youths to take up leadership positions in business and politics
·         To endorse the MDC`s drive for economic growth, investment promotion and job creation as the only viable and sustainable strategy for poverty eradication
6.            Determined to achieve change, the assembly reaffirms its commitment to work with other progressive youth formations fighting for the democratization of Zimbabwe and the dignity of all Zimbabweans.

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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