Tuesday, 11 September 2012

MDC Youth Assembly hails move to fire corrupt councilors

Youth Assembly Deputy President-Costa Machingauta
 The MDC Youth Assembly would like to welcome the move by the party to fire corrupt officials in MDC- run councils.

 By definition, Corruption is any abuse of a position of trust to gain an unfair advantage.
 MDC has a zero-tolerance policy on corruption and violence. We are a people-centered organisation and the only party in the land that has tackled corruption head on as evidenced by the bold move to eliminate corrupt officials from councils. The MDC is a people’s movement whose core values are solidarity; freedom; justice; equality; liberty; transparency; accountability and humble and obedient leadership. These are deeply rooted in its strong ideology of social democracy.

Since time immemorial, ZANU PF has nurtured a culture of corruption among its public officials. Ordinary Zimbabweans can be forgiven for thinking that corruption is one of the qualities required for being a political leader in ZANU PF and that it can be done with impunity. Common examples of such are former Minister Kumbirai Kangai who embezzled huge sums of money from GMB and got away with it, Cde Enos Chikowore who guzzled from the NOCZIM coffers and went scot free, and more recently Minister Obert Mpofu who is plundering diamond proceeds to mention but a few.

The whole gravy train of ZANU PF is full of corrupt officials. In fact, corruption is a ticket to gain political office in Zanu PF; the more corrupt you are, the more powerful you will be. The MDC does not condone corruption hence the bold step we have taken to lead by example: suspending and firing all corrupt officials found guilty of graft.

 In his 2012 National Budget statement, Minister of Finance, Hon. Tendai Biti expressed great concern at the level of corruption and its negative impact hence vehemently criticized it because of its cancerous nature.

We are very happy to borrow a leaf from democratic countries whose officials are forced to resign if they are involved in any kind of misconduct. Corruption is a disease that is highly contagious if left uncontrolled. It has and continues to devour this country. MDC will always strive for a corruption free generation who eat only what they have killed. It is in this vein that the MDC has taken a courageous step to investigate and discipline its members who are found wanting in this regard.

For a long time, ordinary citizens of this country have been suffering from economic decline with corruption as the chief culprit while the perpetrators enjoy impunity. It is MDC’s mission to eliminate all forms of corruption. The suspension and expulsion of offenders will serve as a stern warning to all who hold public offices to steer clear of any corrupt activity. This is a clear message to the people that MDC is a social democratic party that would and will protect the people at all costs. The party is very much aware that Minister Ignatius Chombo will disregard the decision taken by the party as he always does, but that will not stop or slow down the train of change. We have had some councilors in Chitungwiza disrespecting the party’s decision and continued serving as councilors despite them being suspended. The MDC Youth Assembly is urging the affected councilors to respect the party’s decision and stop serving immediately.

The Assembly salutes those councilors who are serving the people transparently and in good faith, they must keep up the good work. Let’s build the country on solid foundation. A corruption free Zimbabwe is possible and this can only begin with you and me.

“Our Era is Now: Let’s Do it Now to shape our own destiny”

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