Tuesday, 25 February 2014

ZANU PF playing tricks on MDC internal issues.

The MDC Youth Assembly condemns both the arrest and detention of its National Executive Member James Chidhakwa on allegations of violence. Despite the fact that section 117 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act makes bail an entitlement to every Zimbabwean citizen, the courts have decided to ignore it.

The magistrate claims that Chidhakwa is likely to interfere with witnesses of which he is not even aware who the witnesses are and above all he is innocent until proven otherwise by a competent court of law. In the state’s opposition of bail, the prosecutor sounds like leader Chidhakwa has committed the said offence, when in actual fact even the said complainant know what exactly transpired at Harvest House on that day. 

We demand that he be released on bail and if the state is serious let them prove it in court rather than have him serve before he is even heard.

The MDC Youth Assembly is opposed to the use of violence of any nature to solve problems but to make claims on every individual who is not on your side is equally unacceptable.

ZANUPF is taking advantage of these temporary disturbances within our party to destabilise our institution by arresting our members. These disturbances believed to be sponsored by ZANU PF will soon end amicably.

ZANUPF abuses state institutions to pursue their sinister agenda, we demand that the police be professional and the judiciary be impartial.

We however urge the youths in the Party to continue their solidarity with their leader, Chidhakwa until justice is done.

We also urge the rest of the young people to remain calm and ensure that tranquillity prevails. MDC under the leadership of President Morgan Tsvangirai is a solid people’s party that cannot be shaken or destroyed by people with shallow personal interests.  

Long live leader Chidhakwa
Long live the people’s struggle

MDC Youth Assembly Information Department.

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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