Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The People’s Struggle will Continue Unabated

MDC is a people's project that will never die. The current disturbances will find their way out soon. Every member in the party is aware that it is the work of the enemy aimed at diverting our focus
and thrust. 

MDC is a party that does not condone violence amongst all other ills such as corruption and we stand guided by democratic tenets and values.

The MDC Youth Assembly would like to reiterate its standing and binding position that those who are calling for President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai to resign must hold their horses and not continuously punch above their weight. It is our belief that such unstrategic calls are aimed at undermining democracy by calling for primitive short-cuts meant to short-circuit the internal democratic processes as enshrined in the supreme party constitution.

The Assembly from its membership to leadership at all levels unequivocally re-stated that those making such inopportune calls must wait for the party elections which are held every five years to elect the party leadership. Any serious MDC member would know the next congress date and it is only fair that any such leadership renewal takes place at that appropriate time.

All these premature calls for leadership renewal only serve to weaken the party divide the party and legitimise the persecution of President Tsvangirai and his team by the state media, unscrupulous individuals and ZANU PF members based on cooked, unfounded and unsubstantiated allegations.

The Youth Assembly National Executive that met last week in the capital made it clear that President Tsvangirai and his team have done a sterling job against a militarized regime bent on annihilating the
opposition and retaining power by hook or crook in national elections. 

In short, what the last week's Youth National Executive meeting therefore resolved unequivocally was that it shall continue to support President Tsvangirai and his leadership unreservedly, unapologetically and shall stand by him and his team side by side and step by step all the way to the 2018 General Elections .

Long live MDC
Long live the people of Zimbabwe
Long Live the struggle For A Democratic Zimbabwe.

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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