Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Resolutions of the MDC Youth National Executive Committee Meeting held on the 8th of February 2014,

The National Executive of the MDC Youth Assembly met in the capital at the weekend to deliberate contemporary issues affecting the youth, Party and the country in general.
The meeting reaffirms its continued commitment and dedication to the people’s struggle for real upliftment and total emancipation for all.
The National Executive reiterates the Assembly’s standing position of its unshakable support, uncompromised loyalty and undiluted confidence in President Morgan Tsvangirai.
Noting that abject poverty remains youth’s number one enemy, and that economic upliftment is our birthright, the Assembly resolved:
·         To demand for the provision of jobs for all young people and equal opportunities for all

·         That the Youth Fund is a national fund to which all youth are eligible regardless of their political affiliation.

·         To embark on a more robust approach to mobilize resources and establish an investment vehicle for the youth

·         To support youth to take up leadership positions in business and politics

·         To support personal development initiatives for the youth.
Determined to achieve gender parity in all spheres of life, the meeting resolved to scale up its campaign for equal opportunities for all and undertake coordinated programs aimed at uplifting young women.
Concerned by the continued corruption and looting that has gone unabated in parastatals and government institutions, the Assembly demands that the relevant Ministries and authorities should investigate and prosecute those involved in the malpractices.    
Realizing the continued discord and contradictions in the media and general lack of discipline in the Assembly, the executive resolved that only the Information department is mandated to speak to the media with immediate effect.
Recognizing that the 31st of July 2013 election was stolen, the Party remains united and firmly behind the Party President, the Assembly therefore, reassures the people that the Party is still intact and actually preparing for the next election with Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai as our candidate.

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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