Tuesday, 29 October 2013

ZINASU is an independent institution

The MDC Youth Assembly believes in independence of every institution including that of students. We believe in academic freedoms of students at Tertiary institutions which is the co-business of students union across the country.

We are very much aware that ZINASU like any other civic organization is political but it must not be partisan. We strongly believe that ZINASU’s impending congress should be left to run beyond the politics of political parties.

It is unfortunate that current developments in ZINASU as it prepares for its congress, has been characterized by internal power struggles that has led to certain sections of ZINASU employing adverse political strategies to outwit their competitors. To this end, claims have been made that the MDC is interfering in the affairs of the students union. 

The Youth Assembly will not fane divisions in the institution but would rather wish ZINASU a fruitful Congress since they are an institution that provides oversight to the national development processes with bias to the students’ community.

We believe ZINASU has the ability to solely identify problems of students and advocate for better changes through the channels available to them.

Whilst it is an undisputed fact that ZINASU played a critical role in the formation of MDC as a political party in 1999; it however did not lose its independence and focus on the struggle for academic freedoms. To this end, ZINASU has a specific constituency that it serves without interference or influence of any political party. The MDC respects that and continue to view ZINASU as a progressive students’ movement that has a right to comment and participate in the political processes of this great land.

The students themselves know very well that only the MDC government can provide, meet and respect their legitimate demands, democratic rights and fundamental freedoms which ZANU PF government has failed to do. 

 The MDC Youth Assembly reiterates non-interference in the ZINASU congress and other issues but rather wishes the union a successful convention.

Long live ZINASU

Long live MDC Youth Assembly

Driven by conviction, resilience and determination 

MDC Youth Assembly Information Department  

For more information contact the Assembly Spokesperson Clifford Hlatywayo    

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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