Monday, 14 October 2013

President Tsvangirai shall lead us to Canaan

The Youth Assembly declares its continued and uncompromised loyalty to the Party and the President Dr Morgan Tsvangirai. Our leader represents the interests of the peasants, workers and the poor. He is the face of the people’s struggle as he carries the hopes of many young people.
President Morgan Tsvangirai

To all young people, President Morgan Tsvangirai represents a brighter future full of opportunities for everyone. He has the answers to the cries and challenges faced by the youth, mostly to do with job creation, genuine and sustainable youth upliftment, provision of good health facilities among others. Any other utterances in the corridors of Rumour are null and void.

The Assembly encourages all the Zimbabweans who voted for the MDC in the recent elections to remain resolute, Dr Tsvangirai shall lead us to Canaan soon.

The idea of change has not been rejected neither can it be stopped it is just a dream that was deferred by dark forces of evil but one day the people of Zimbabwe  shall prevail and our will shall be granted.
We continue to fight in the trenches and we remind ZANUPF that a stolen election is not a real house but just an ice castle that will melt when the sun shines.

We want to express our disappointment in the manner in which ZANUPF have splashed cash in the Mayoral elections. The Assembly hopes that culprits who connived with ZANUPF will get deserving punishments.
The Assembly also wants to make it clear that it will remain focused in the people’s struggle of dismantling a system that took the nation into a socio-economical abyss.

In the Four Years in Government the people of Zimbabwe have realised what the MDC is capable of doing. This is the sole reason why the people of Zimbabwe wanted the MDC to govern but these expressions were not heard mainly because of gross violations of electoral processes and laws.

Sooner than later the people of Zimbabwe will get the chance to choose their government in a free, fair, peaceful and credible election.

MDC Youth Assembly Information Department

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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