Monday, 14 October 2013

ZANUPF desperation a circus to the nation

The Youth Assembly condemns in its strongest terms the arrest and frustration of the MDC Youth Assembly Secretary for Security and Defence Leader James Chidhakwa.

Chidhakwa was arrested on Friday the 11th of October 2013 at his workplace on false charges of aggravated malicious damage to property. ZANUPF is desperately trying to link him to their mysterious destruction of their Machipisa offices and Jongwe printers.

It is a public secret that the MDC is a peace loving party and therefore will not be involved in clandestine activities such as the destruction of property. We have a record of refraining from violence even in situations where agents of darkness have tried to set us into the trap. MDC is a development oriented party that will not want to see any backwardness in society hence it will not condone destruction of property. 

Elections were rigged but the MDC did not use a violent approach in its reaction therefore the allegations are misplaced and a mockery to the Justice delivery system of our country.

The MDC Youth Assembly is totally behind the leader of the Party Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai hence ZANUPF is scared of him and would want to persecute our members for unshakably standing behind Dr Tsvangirai.

However this usual desperate political ploy to frustrate MDC members will not be sustained and the record is there in history where our members were arrested on false allegations some dying or staying in Remand for more than two years but the state eventually losing the case.

ZANUPF should stop that primitive frustration tactic since it has failed to work. We shall not be deterred by their behaviour.

The Assembly will not panic as they will remain focused and resolute.

Aluta Continua 

Driven by conviction, resilience and determination

MDC Youth Assembly Information Department

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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