Thursday, 25 April 2013

Youth Last Mile rallies at the weekend in Mbire and Redcliff

The Youth Real Change Team is on the road again this weekend, the first stop is at Mbire on Saturday, where they will address a last mile youth rally. They will proceed to  Redcliff on Sunday where they are expected to address at Torwood hall.

Youth Assembly President Solomon Madzore will be the main speaker at both rallies, he will be in the company of the Youth Real Change Team.

The team is addressing a series of rallies urging the youths to register to vote in their numbers. The youths are being urged to vote for a new government led by Dr. Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.

Meanwhile the Youth Assembly President Madzore has welcomed  ZINASU’s position to support the MDC in the forth coming elections. Leader Madzore said ZINASU has proven beyond doubt that they are a progressive movement.

“It is now clear that ZINASU is serious on bringing change to the lives of students at campuses and the nation as a whole, we urge all the founding organisations of the people’s party to put their weight behind the MDC  in this last half mile,” Leader Madzore said.

ZINASU resolved recently at their general council that “Mugabe is an enemy beyond reconciliation” therefore they would put their weight behind Dr Tsvangirai.

Together to the end,building a youth with a difference.

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