Wednesday, 19 December 2012

MDC Youth Assembly congratulates President Zuma

The MDC Youth Assembly congratulates the South African President for his re-election to lead the ANC for a second term.

We take this opportunity to thank the South Africans for following democratic processes by holding a peaceful process and congratulating the winner without subjecting each other to rule number four of the revolutionary command council.

We hope that the rest of the continent has something to learn from the ANC as a Party taking into consideration that most revolutionary political parties have led autocratic fortresses. Taking for instance, in Zimbabwe, Mugabe has not been contested at an elective congress for more than 32 years.
President Zuma just like South African icon Mandela has proved different in his first term and we hope he will continue in the same spirit.  

President Zuma has come handy on many instances putting his weight in bringing solutions to the Zimbabwean crisis and as the Assembly we feel we owe him a lot for being one of the main reasons why Zimbabwe is making progress towards lasting and sustainable peace.

We are hoping that his guidance and support will usher in a proper environment for a peaceful, free and fair election in Zimbabwe for the first time in the history of the country’s elections. As young people of this beloved nation, we hope we will kiss good bye to a bloodbath that has always been mistaken for polls.
We also urge the youth of Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole to respect their leadership and systems in their respective political institutions, and promote constructive discourse among the youth especially in a democratic society. 

We also look forward to a progressive working relationship with the ANC Youth League that is in the best interest of the young people in Africa. 

As the MDC Youth Assembly we wish President Zuma and the new ANC leadership a fruitful reign at the helm of the party and the South African government and it is our greatest hope that they will selflessly serve the people of South Africa.

“Our era is Now, Let’s do it Now to shape our own destiny”

Solomon Madzore  


Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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