Thursday, 13 December 2012

Matabeleland South Youth hails JUICE as they welcome back Madzore

Hundreds of youths in Matabeleland South braved the souring heat and sat for hours in the relentless sun at an open space in front of OJ’s  in the medium density suburb of Beitbridge to welcome their leader Solomon “Mandela”  Madzore.

Madzore was accompanied by his deputy Costa Machingauta, Treasurer General Dube Munkombwe, Organising Secretary Mpumelelo Ndlovu, deputy Organiser Happymore Chidziva and National Spokesperson Clifford Hlatywayo.

Any sane person could expect the incarceration trauma and inconvenience on the Youth Assembly boss who stayed in remand for 14 months to dominate the speeches but the but the MDC’s   recently launched economical blue print JUICE stole the show.

Madzore told the youths in Beitbridge that the leadership of  Rt Hon Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai under JUICE will make sure that jobs are created for the young people so that they become financially independent.

‘With JUICE you are best assured that employment will be there for you we as the MDC have a plan that Mugabe cannot invent because he is too old to think now he has reduced most of us to parasites who ask their parents for undergarments because we cannot  buy them for ourselves ,” Madzore said.

Madzore glorified his leader Morgan Tsvangirai and urged the youths to register and vote for him he equated his leader to the economical blue print.

‘Our leader Dr Tsvangirai is worth voting for he is as good as JUICE you drink it and it is good for health I am sure Mugabe is a toxic liquid which should stay away from human consumption,’ he said.

Madzore said the youths should respect a party that is there to create jobs because that is the only way that can see all our beloved brothers leaving dangerously in exile coming back home.

“When we create jobs we want our brothers to come back and get formal employment ,there are stay in countries where they take up menial jobs and living in fear of Xenophobia and other evil things that a foreigner can face.

“Mugabe is a failure, because of that young people have ran away from their country of births, four million emigrations in  a warless situation is a world record we do not want to set records for the wrong reasons,” the President of the Youth Assembly said.

Speaking at the same event MDC-T Provincial youth Chairperson Cllr Morgan Ncube put his weight behind his leader pointing out that JUICE can unlock a regional curse.

“In Matebeleland the industries have closed and our young people are unemployed  go to the Border you will find a majority of them doing illegal deals but I am sure with JUICE’s investment and capital plan that will come to an end ,’Cllr Ncube said.

Drums coughed and sneezed in a sandwich of hand claps and ululations after a two men theatre group called Flame of Jaunda also sang from the JUICE hymn book saying it was unemployment that is landing many youths in Jail.

Adrain Musa and Calvin Moyo’s act showed the audience clearly that the mad search for money in an economy that is not generating jobs can make youths fall for anything making life a gamble.

The Municipal town Council Chairperson of Beitbridge Fanuel Mandebvu attended the youth rally together with his deputy Patricia Ndhlovu

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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