Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Madzore welcomes Bailed MDC members

Youth Assembly President, Solomon “Mandela” Madzore, led scores of MDC members including family and friends who welcomed their beloved friends, husbands, wives, parents, sons and daughters who have been illegally and unfairly detained for periods ranging up to 16 months.

The MDC members are being falsely charged for murdering a cop who is said to have died at a pub in Glenview. 31 people were arrested in connection with those allegations including youth leader Madzore.
However, five of them are still in custody after the court denied them bail arguing that they are a flight risk. The MDC Youth Assembly views this as political persecution arguing that the accused persons did not commit any crime.

Speaking after their release Madzore said even if Mugabe continues to use dirty tactics to frustrate the MDC activists and upset the struggle for a democratic Zimbabwe, it will not take him anywhere and he is going to lose the coming election more than he did in 2008.

Addressing people outside Harvest House, the MDC Youth Assembly Secretary General, Promise Mkwananzi, emphasised the importance of fighting on and finishing off the system to end this continued injustice and rot in the country’s justice system.

He also urged the Party, and the youth in particular, to fight for the remaining 5 to be released because their continued detention is not justified.

“We urge Bhunu and Nyazamba to stop that political behaviour and lift all the false charges they imposed on our members because they did not commit any crime. It is sad that they are doing it to instil frustration on the party,” Mkwananzi said.

Madzore gave his gratitude to the defence team of Beatrice Mtetwa, Gift Mtisi and Jeremiah Bhamu who came to court to facilitate the release of the activists. He also expressed his appreciation to the rest of the defence team members, Aleck Muchadehama, Selby Hwacha and Charles Kwaramba who could not come to the prison yesterday due to other commitments. 

 Youth Assembly commander lashed at the ZANUPF for taking the Judiciary system into the intensive care. He also urged ZANUPF to stop harassing defence Lawyer Charles Kwaramba who is part of the defence team representing the Glenview 31.

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