Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Our Last Mile….

The MDC family celebrated its thirteen years of a focused peoples struggle for real emancipation in Bulawayo at the weekend.

We have come a long..The peoples President.

13 years ago, Zimbabweans, tired of a corrupt system of governance, rose up to demand democratic space and seek emancipation. The Movement of the people, the MDC was instituted to spearhead the struggle for change and transformation.

The road behind has been bumpy, crooked yet the sons and daughters of Zimbabwe have endured. The Youth Assembly would like to applaud the broader membership for remaining focused and vigilant.

The movement has over these thirteen years brought together the working people, the students, the peasants, women, residents, academics and beyond – to further the pro-poor agenda through disciplined pursuit of social democracy. This has seen the party strongly pursuing a people driven constitution agenda since 2000, with a historic mobilization for the rejection of an imposter document. The party has genuinely pursued this agenda to the level of producing a people’s document that is set to be tabled to the stakeholders soon.

The pursuit of the real change and the people’s emancipation agenda has seen the party peacefully participate in elections against the non-tolerant culture from thick skinned Zanu Pf, ultimately winning parliamentary majority and the presidential election in the 2008 plebiscite. The Youth Assembly greatly acknowledges and salutes the role that the young cadreship of the party has played and would like to wish even stronger hearts as the struggle enters the last mile. The assembly salutes and draws inspiration from the real change heroes- Learnmore Judah Jongwe, Tonderai Ndira, Youth Commander Chikadaya, Better Chokururama among others who have sacrificed life and limp in pursuit of the vision of the movement and the people of Zimbabwe.

Let there be PEACE....

The people’s movement has encountered several challenges along the way-internal and external, which the movement perseveringly turned into stepping stones. The movement proudly stands today as the largest party in the country.

The mile ahead is indeed a mile crammed with crucial events that are going to craft the trajectory to the nation’s destiny. The people of Zimbabwe have laid their voice regarding how they want their country to be governed in the historic people driven constitution making process, which the assembly will mobilize for cementing in the coming referendum. The youth assembly will scale up the “My Voice is in. My Vote is yes” campaign against all odds.

 It is the young people’s obligation in this last mile to stand up, act and take charge of their own destiny. An opportunity to transform the nation to a new democratic Zimbabwe we have been fighting for the past 13 years is here. The Assembly would like to challenge young people to register to vote, to go out in their numbers to vote and to be prepared to go out en-mass to defend their vote.

A New Zimbabwe is within reach.

Our Era is now. Let’s do it now to shape our own destiny.

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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