Thursday, 18 October 2012

"No going back on the constitution": Youth will positively participate at the 2nd All Stakeholders Conference

The Youth Assembly is geared to participate at the second All Stakeholders conference as the nation is set to witness a historic process where the sons and daughters of Zimbabwe are going to be given feedback on what has transpired thus far since the constitutional outreach.

The historical constitution making process has reached crucial stages with the population set to stamp their signatures on the document through the subsequent referendum, setting the ground hopefully for a peaceful, free and fare plebiscite.
My Voice is in.
My Vote is YES.
The Youth Assembly would like to reiterate that there is no going back on this process and has scaled up and spread its wings wider in the Vote YES campaign dubbed “My Voice is In, My Vote is Yes.” It is the Assembly’s great concern that the constitution making process, as dictated by Article 6 has dragged for over two years while the sons and daughters of Zimbabwe await.

Zanu PF elements disrupting the
 1st All Stakeholders Conference
It is however commendable that against all odds, the process has managed to leap from stage to stage and now the draft constitution is in the hands of the people. The process which started over three years ago with the setting up of the Select Committee (Copac), led to the convening of the first All Stakeholders Conference-which Zanu Pf frantically tried to derail in vain, the public consultation process, the drafting, and is now at the stage of tabling the draft to the second all stakeholders conference set for the 21st to the 23rd of October.
The people’s process has reached a no-going-back stage and it is the demand of the Youth Assembly that the people’s will be respected, that the remaining stages be expedited timeously as the nation moves closer to the completion of the transition to a new democratic Zimbabwe. The Assembly would like to warn any other parties and/or any terror group that harbor any intentions of derailing the freedom train to desist from that and honor the people’s will.
Change is inevitable.
Together to the end… Building a youth with a difference.
By MDCYA Information department

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