Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Deliberate delays in the case involving the Glenview31.

The trial of the 31 MDC activists facing fabricated charges of murdering police officer Mutedza in Glen View last year is being delayed in a very worrisome and suspicious manner.

The Court is not only unreasonably denying the 31 activists bail; but further delaying the trial. The case was postponed two weeks ago to Monday the 29th because the Prosecutor in the case, Mr Nyazamba, said he was sick.

 Instead of proceeding with the trial on Monday the 29th, the trail Judge Bhunu also fell sick and postponed the trial to Wednesday the 31st of October.

Whereas we wish all the sick people a speedy recovery; we are concerned about this form of choreographed sickness that plays itself in episodes giving turns to each other.

The Prosecutor and the trial judge are taking turns to get sick yet the activists are languishing in the filthy cells of Chikurubi and being denied bail for no justifiable reason.

The latest postponement interestingly came at a time when the prosecution was cornered in the examination of the state witnesses against Youth Assembly President Solomon Madzore.

In examination, the police officer admitted that the alibi of President Solomon Madzore had been corroborated by the Doctor and therefore authentic, paving way to his release. It is clear at this stage that any further step in the trail should see the release of President Madzore.

The postponements and delays are simple ways of buying time and re-strategizing on new methods of continuing to hold President Madzore in Prison.

We continue to demand the release of the innocent activists.

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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