Monday, 25 June 2012

Five key youth demands highlighted

Sunday 24 June 2012- Chegutu- Hundreds of youth gathered yesterday at Welfare Center in Chegutu, Mashonaland West province at the district’s youth forum. The forum was meant to discuss key youth issues as part of the preparations for the forthcoming watershed elections. Mashonaland West province is the home of ZANU PF president, Robert Mugabe, National political commissar Webster Shamu, Ignatius Chombo among other ZANU PF big wigs.

In his address, Clifford Hlatywayo, the Youth Assembly National Spokesperson urged all young people to be united and shun all people who come with an agenda to abuse and divide them. He encouraged youths to contest as councilors or MPs in the forthcoming elections and assured them that the Assembly will support them. On the same issue, Hlatywayo urged the youth to support all candidates who has the youth cause at heart. On socio-economic upliftment, Hlatywayo buttressed the imperativeness for young people to be entrepreneurs and united to fight looting of our national resources. “ZANU PF is practicing a day light robbery in Chiadzwa and by forcefully taking people’s businesses in the name of indigenization. MDC advocates for a broad based economic empowerment program that must benefit all the Zimbabweans including the underprivileged” said Hlatywayo.

The Youth Assembly National Spokesperson went on to highlight key youth demands that the MDC government shall address.

5 Key Youth Demands:
1.        1. Jobs- promoting investment that will enhance the creation of employment for the over 90% who are unemployed.
2.       2. Education and Training- education for all as a right. Reintroduction of grants at colleges.
3.       3. Health- as a right to all. Accessibility of modern HIV testing and prevention methods.
4.    4. Upliftment- positive youth participation and involvement in national socio-economic, political and cultural development
5.       5. Peace and freedom /Security- of persons, property, environment, communities and food.

Richard Vitrinue the Mashonaland West provincial Youth Chairperson castigated ZANU PF for its inherent culture of impunity. “Violence is an old fashioned way of campaigning. People know what they want and they will vote for Morgan Tsvangirai. We have tested good life where majority can afford to buy a loaf of bread every day and everywhere there is $ for two. We are going to campaign vigorously against violence as youth because it’s us who will suffer most” vowed Vitrinue who is popularly known as the Black Russian. He further encouraged the youth to register to vote, vote and defend their vote as a way of guaranteeing a secure future full of jobs, quality, affordable education and sustainable livelihoods. 

The National Executive member representing Mashonaland West province Charlton Hwende who is a youth from Chegutu applaused the youth of Chegutu west constituency for coming up with such an activity. Hwende challenged the young people to remain undivided and fight ZANU PF to retain the constituency. “Youth are leaders of today and tomorrow. As young people we must be inspired by icons such as Nelson Mandela, Morgan Tsvangirai, Gertrude Mtombeni, Learnmore Jongwe, Nelson Chamisa, cde Tongo, Joshua Nkomo among other heroes who dedicated their lives to fight for people’s freedoms and total emancipation” said Hwende.

Member of Parliament for Chegutu West constituency Hon Matibe urged the youth to maintain their vanguard role, protecting and defending the party, its leadership and communities. 

MDC Youth Assembly Information Department

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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