Friday, 1 June 2012

MDC Youth Assembly commemorates Africa Day in Zvimba

 Zvimba, 27 May 2012; Hundreds of youths gathered at Nyabire grounds in Zvimba East Constituency on Saturday 26 May to commemorate this year’s Africa Day. 

Africa Day was commemorated this year under the theme, “moment of reflection and celebration”.
The MDC Youth Assembly leadership which comprised of Deputy President Costa Machingauta, Secretary General Promise Mkwananzi and Secretary for Information and Publicity Clifford Hlatywayo graced the occasion and were the guest speakers. 

In his address, Costa Machingauta who was the guest of honor castigated the looting of the much needed national resources by ZANU PF at the expense of poor suffering Zimbabweans replicating the unforgettable fast track land invasion. In complement with this year’s theme “moment of reflection and celebration”, Machingauta buttressed that, “the only reflection that can be witnessed in Zimbabwe is lunatic behavior by ZANU PF who are smuggling Diamonds from Chiadzwa and feeding their own stomachs at the expense of the majority starving population”.  He said Botswana is sustaining her economy from diamond proceeds; easily accessible state funded education for all at all government institutions and provision of good health for all for her citizens. 

He explained how GNU came to existence and what should be done by young people to complete the revolution. “The only way we can make this economy viable, providing its citizens with jobs and where government employees are gainfully remunerated is by registering to vote and subsequently go out in large numbers to vote for Morgan Tsvangirai as President in the forthcoming watershed elections.” He also urged the youth to be prepared to defend their vote from probable gross rigging and brazen disrespect of their will reminiscent of the previous polls since 2000. 

Promise Mkwananzi, the Secretary General of the Assembly expressed concern over how the Youth Fund is being distributed. “The Youth Fund is for all young people in Zimbabwe. ZANU PF is politicizing the fund by using its deadly youth officers for distribution. We are proposing a tripartite arrangement in the allocation of funds; the ministry should set up provincial committees which should be made up of all political parties in the inclusive government so that every person who needs the fund can access it”, charged Mkwananzi. 

“As Africans we are proud to see the realization and adherence of democratic values in certain quarters of the continent as witnessed by the peaceful elections in Zambia and subsequently handing over of power by Dr Rupiah Banda and also the taking over as President in Malawi by madam Banda.” The Assembly Secretary General reiterated the MDC’s position on elections which he said has been unequivocally elaborated in the Conditions for a Sustainable Election in Zimbabwe, (CoSEZ) document. He said the MDCYA will campaign for these conditions, and no elections shall be held without these reforms in Zimbabwe.

Addressing the same gathering, the Youth Assembly Spokesperson Clifford Hlatywayo described Africa Day as a day that symbolizes a practical way of our collective spirit and search for unity and dignity. “The Africa we are all crying for is a strong Africa which is capable of leading and determining its own destiny. Africa day resembles oneness and unity of purpose of Africans’ struggle against dictatorship and oppression”, said Hlatywayo. 

Zvimba is one of the communities that have suffered over spilling and evident traces of the whims of ZANU PF’s brutal character. Oppression, intimidation and harassment have been committed at an alarming rate in areas like Zvimba which ZANU PF blatantly imagines to be its permanent stronghold. “ZANU PF has declared some places no go areas, patronizing and politicizing all state institutions here, and the duty of the youth as vanguards of democracy and pluralism is to reject that and usher in a new order for a sustainable future”, added Hlatywayo.

Other dignitaries who were present at this gathering are National Secretary General of the Women’s Assembly Mai Sibusisiwe Masara, Provincial Chairperson and Secretary, Baba Karemba and Greenwich Ndanga respectively. Mashonaland West Province led by Provincial Youth Chairperson Richard Vitrinue and National Executive member Abigail Sauti was the host.

For the past 12 years the Assembly has been fighting to restore African dignity in Zimbabwe.
Long live Africa, long live African unity…

For and on behalf of young people of Zimbabwe

Youth Assembly Information and Publicity department 

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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