Tuesday, 3 July 2012

June 27, 2008: One of the darkest moments since 1980 – Never Again In Our Lifetime!

The 27th of June of this year was the fourth anniversary of the death of many young people of Zimbabwe in an electoral period that was very violent. The election runoff which followed the historic electoral victory of all the people from different walks of life that are yearning for change in Zimbabwe on 29 March in 2008 was the bad climax of a nationalist program to stem change in the country using blatantly non-peaceful means. 

The MDCYA joins the rest of the people of this beloved country in the sad memory of the darkest era since the Gukurahundi after Zimbabwe gained independence in April 1980. We remember the trauma that gripped the entire country and the unnecessity of the inhumane tactics that were used against the people by Zanu-pf for expressing their political will in favour of general political renewal and prosperity in Zimbabwe.

It could only be that young people were expressing their will through the ballot against Zanu-pf because of the rampant unemployment, inaccessibility of education and the general lack of hope that Zanu-pf has caused with its inept leadership since their birth under its dictatorial shadow. 

The MDCYA vows that the violence of 27 June must not be repeated as it mirrors the equivalent of a Gukurahundi’s mentality and tactics against those who are peacefully advocating for broader change in the country.

The MDCYA lauds the current efforts by the inclusive Government principals to preach a message of peace. But we remind the people of Zimbabwe, SADC and its facilitator in the Zimbabwean Global Political Agreement (GPA), presidency of  Jacob Zuma of South Africa, AU, UN and the entire international community to be wary of the partisan utterances of high-ranking members of the military and police, armed forces, as they import a direct threat to national peace and security of Zimbabwe in case of a Zanu-pf electoral trouncing which is but certain in the coming poll. Further, the MDCYA calls for free and fair elections.

Meanwhile, the MDCYA urges all young people in the country to be steadfast in calling for democracy, condemning the violence of 27 June 2008 and fighting against the potential reversal of the incremental struggle for change through violence in Zimbabwe.

The MDCYA mourns with families of those whose lives were unnecessarily taken, and stands in unfailing solidarity with those who were harmed in the march towards a new government which will deliver a new Zimbabwe.

Long live MDC, Long live Zimbabwe

Clifford Hlatywayo (MDCYA National Spokesperson)

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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