Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Action to demand jobs inevitable

MDC Youth Assembly is set to stage nationwide demonstrations to demand for jobs. ZANU Pf in its July 2013 manifesto promised 2.2 million jobs to the people but the reverse is true. To date more than 400 000 jobs have been lost. This is gross human rights violation and the failure by the government to provide decent jobs for its citizens as enshrined by the new charter is a severe infringement of the constitution.

This has been necessitated by a Youth Assembly National Council resolution of 30 March 2014, which reads:
Realising that the ZANU PF illegitimate regime has failed to provide even a single job out of the 2.2 million jobs that they promised to the people, instead thousands have lost their jobs in the last eight
months, the Assembly resolved that the current government must leave office immediately and pave way for free and fare elections.

As young people of this beloved nation we are tired and our patience has warped. ZANU PF has been lying to us since 1980 about heaven on earth. This has to stop. The time has come to demand what rightfully belongs to us. It is an open secret that ZANU PF is tired and directionless. What they plan and do daily is to plunder and disgustingly ransack our national God given resources, this has to stop now.

The Assembly has taken heed of the nationwide call by President Morgan Tsvangirai to take corrective action against few people who want to enjoy the fruits of our nation while the majority is struggling to sustain a living. We are going to lead serious action demanding our jobs.

We have piles and piles of unemployment forms that were forwarded to our offices by young people who are in dire need of employment, which we cannot afford to ignore. This is the time to take over and reclaim our destiny as current and future leaders of this nation. To those who may think demanding for our jobs is a joke, they are lost and they will soon realize the seriousness of this national outcry.

We will not be intimidated or shaken by threats since we have two options i.e. to suffer or to take action now.

Enough is enough we want our jobs now.

For and on behalf of young people of Zimbabwe

National Youth Spokesperson

Clifford Hlatywayo

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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