Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Mkwananzi’s utterances are personal

The Movement for Democratic Change Youth Assembly distances itself from the utterances by Mr Promise Mkwananzi. The views attributed to the Secretary General of the Assembly, Mr Mkwananzi remain his personal views and not of the Assembly and the party at large.

We wish to point out that the correct position of the Youth Assembly with regards to the issue of suspended Deputy Treasurer General Mr Elton Mangoma is reflected on the last Youth Assembly National Executive meeting held in February this year.
As an Assembly, we do not believe in name calling of our youth leadership and membership and in this regard we wish to point out that we do not agree or condone the behaviour of Mr Mkwananzi in calling fellow youth members, “ Rowdy, sycophants and thugs“, no matter the differences.
We wish to point out that the Secretary General has been communicated with to the effect that there is a clear way of channelling information to the public from the Assembly and that such responsibility lies in the office of the Spokesperson. It has also been communicated to him that he should desist from uttering unsubstantiated statements contrary to the views and standing resolutions of the Assembly and party in general no matter how different it might to his personal views and aspirations as we operate as a collective.
The Youth Assembly has also communicated to the Secretary General that we rather find his views as contrary to what was agreed to as an Assembly. The Assembly find it as an act of sabotage and indiscipline that he can go to a National Council and trample upon our resolutions as we made it clear that Mr Mangoma had to be suspended and undergo a disciplinary hearing. We expected the Secretary General as a representative of the Assembly to toe this line. We take great exception to the fact that the Secretary General can divulge party proceedings in the public domain and such an act is tantamount to security breach. We are no longer sure how much of such sensitive information the Secretary General churns out to people.
Appropriate decisions will be made at the appropriate time on the conduct of the Secretary General which we feel has been a violation of the Constitution.
We urge the public to disregard Mr Mkwananzi’s views. His views are not a reflection of the body of opinion within the youth assembly.
The Assembly will remain united and focused to achieve a more democratic, prosperous and united Zimbabwe.

Thank You,
Love live MDC Youth Assembly
Long Live President Morgan Tsvangirai
Long Live the People’s Project


Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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