Monday, 4 August 2014

ZANU PF showing its true colours in Chingwizi

The MDC Youth Assembly is greatly perturbed by the sad developments in Chingwizi, Tokwe-Mkosi. Approximately 300 people are reported to have been arrested and brutalised by police and the army in Chingwizi with further claims that a child might have died in the process. The victims are now dispersed everywhere leaving them exposed to bad weather and unhealthy conditions. The soldiers have burnt tents donated by well wishers and are harass all the people including women and young ones. Being a holder of an ID number which starts with a 12 (Chibi district) is now a crime. 

These victims has suffered serious trauma at the camp site in the hands of an illegitimate government of ZANU PF. Their donations were looted by government ministers. No clear plan in terms of relocating and compensating them. The bhora mughedhi philosophy has failed to work. The song of empowerment which ZANU PF looters sang is nowhere to be heard. 

The MDC Youth Assembly, therefore, calls for the unconditional release of those arrested and stop any harassment of the victims by the army and police. We also call for urgent intervention on the survivors in terms of providing decent place to live. They must be a clear and sustainable plan to resettle them as well as a transparent compensation scheme. 

The MDC believes in real upliftment of the ordinary people and protection of the vulnerable. We always stand for the poor, as one of our founding values, solidarity. ZANU PF has shown its inhuman colours and it has to be stopped now.

For and on behalf of the voiceless
Clifford Hlatywayo

MDC Youth Assembly Spokesperson

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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