Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Africa Day Message-2014

The MDC T Youth Assembly joins the rest of the continent in celebrating Africa Day on the 25th of May.
It is worrying and disturbing that we celebrate this day in Zimbabwe in the wake of a plethora of challenges bedeviling our nation. The levels of unemployment in the country has reached alarming levels ,corruption has become the order of the day, and it  is clear that the party that claims to be in charge of running the affairs of this country has no clue on what to do. They are just but a bunch of failures that do not deserve a day longer in office.

It is sad tat what the forefathers of Africa stood for and sought to achieve by forming the Organisation of African Unity has all been eroded by a power hungry ,corrupt leadership that views brotherhood and sisterhood as standing against the people’s wishes and ill-treating the people they lead. There has been a  growing false brotherhood where African leaders have failed to castigate each other over serious abuses of citizen’s rights. Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere and other African luminaries didn’t waste their country’s resources and time to assist fellow liberation movements so that they would torture their own people , deny them employment opportunities, maim and kill dissenters or steal elections as has become the norm in many African states. Is it not a folly that there has been a deafening silence on the girls that have been abducted in Nigeria? It is wrong and UnAfrican that nothing has been done collectively to bring to an end to such a heinous act.

The African Continent is also reeling with a number of challenges that remain unsolved and that require every African to spare a thought for the serious problems we find ourselves in. Corruption remains endemic in our society, bad governance has become an eyesore .The recent abduction of innocent girls in Nigeria is a worrying development that calls for action from the part of African governments .We therefore urge African Governments to take the rescue of these girls as an important and immediate assignment that will not only cement oneness and unity amongst African brothers and sisters but that these innocent lives will also spared. The very spirit that saw this continent’s fore fathers join hands to fight a colonial and unjust system should be found in today’s leaders.

There are however positive and welcome developments in the African continent that calls for us to celebrate. Other progressive African states have seen the need to hold credible elections and there has been growth in a number of economies.

As Zimbabwean youth we pledge our commitment to work with all progressive fellow Africans for the realization of a truly independent continent where there is democracy and good governance , diversity of thinking and above all respect for the human rights and upliftrment of young people.

Going forward we shall be embarking on a crusade and campaign for Job, where all young people who looking for jobs are going into the streets demanding their jobs from the government.
Once again Happy Africa Day to all of us.

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

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