Monday, 6 May 2013

Stop wasting resources in the name of voter registration

The MDC youth assembly condemns the current joke being mistaken for a mobile voter registration blitz. The inspection that has been done by the party have revealed some shocking anomalies therefore the Assembly view the whole process as a non event characterized by lack of seriousness and typical resource wasting.

There are a number of issues we feel have to be corrected for us to be content with the results of the process.

·         We demand enough publicity on the schedule of the roll out, so far it is not clear to the electorate where the mobile voter registration is taking place and the dates are also very much obscured.

·         We demand that ZEC must establish mobile voter registration centres in wards and constituencies where there are no permanent voter registration centres

·         We demand that ZEC establishes voter registration centres at all tertiary institutions considering the fact that all state institutions are open and students are stationed at the campus for the whole duration of the mobile registration it is imperative that ZEC ensure that the students access the facility unconditionally.

·         We demand a professional staff in the mobile voter registration process.

Together to the end,building a youth with a difference.

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