Thursday, 24 May 2012

We demand transparency in Diamonds

Zimbabwe is faced with an unemployment rate of more than 90%. The discovery of diamonds in Chiadzwa area brought hope to many Zimbabweans especially after more than a decade of scorching economic pain caused by ZANU PF’s maladministration and economic lunacy.

It is projected that if the industry is fully exploited the Zimbabwean gems can contribute 10% to the global diamond market. However, exactly after a year of full exploitation and trading, those hopes have been battered and are now expectedly fading away. Zimbabweans hoped that the gems will change their lives. Now, reality is dawning that what seemed to be a wonder of the world was just a discovery for a greedy few. The diamonds contribution to the fiscus smells more of a curse than a fortune.
Transparency in the mining and selling of diamonds has come under heavy scrutiny from stakeholders across the country. Recently the Prime Minister made a familiarisation tour to inspect the operation of diamond Companies. The tour unearthed many grey areas that still need urgent attention to uplift the lives of all Zimbabweans. Amongst the biggest issue is transparency and accountability of operations and sale of diamonds.
It is disheartening to the youths of Zimbabwe that whilst diamond mining should benefit the masses, ZANU PF is looting and diverting the much needed proceeds to unproductive and selfish personal avenues.
According to reliable sources the amount of royalties that have been remitted are at a tangent with the level of activity at the mining field. This has raised suspicions of theft, corruption, connivance and collusion to rob the nation. A close following of statistics released by both the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Mining about projected output and royalty receipts shows that there is a shocking disparity of figures. The legitimacy of these projected figures by responsible authorities  have come under heavy criticism as this shows that  there is a deliberate ploy by ZANUPF to distort and understate the amount of diamond proceeds with an aim to loot the revenue for personal gains.
It is sad that while the country is bleeding due to a plethora of problems such as acute liquidity crisis, low FDI and massive unemployment, ZANU PF is looting the national resources in broad daylight for a selfish agenda. Instead of walking the talk about total empowerment, ZANU PF has chosen to deny the masses the right to equitably share the new national cake.

The MDC Youth Assembly condemns such corrupt practices and disparities in remittances figures by relevant authorities with all their pound of flesh and we are demanding accountability by mining firms from the extraction to the actual sale of the diamond. To improve accountability ZIMRA should also be involved along the diamond production chain as it is the custodian of Zimbabwe’s revenue. We are also requesting the release of credible statistics about diamonds proceeds.
 It is said Zimbabwe is expected to rack $600million from diamond revenue and a maximum of 45ml carats are likely to be produced this year. However, it is also claimed that a single mine ANJIN has the capacity to produce the same output in 3 months. Moreover this clearly shows that there is massive understating of proceeds by ZANU PF in order to enrich themselves. The accuracy of figures released by relevant authorities have come under the spotlight, a closer analysis of events leading to the announcement of this year budget shows that initially a budget of 3,4 billion was set but after KPCS Certified ANJIN trading status , the budget was changed to $4 billion. This shows that 600million was expected from ANJIN stockpiles only and if proceeds from other companies are considered Zimbabwe expects much more Income. However the projection of 600milionl by the whole industry without doubt shows that there is a pre- determined plot to understate diamond revenue with an aim to loot the proceeds from the gems.
 We also condemn the involvement of Zimbabwe National Army in mining at Chiadzwa. Soldiers must stay in the barracks. The involvement of ZNA in mining activities has been done at the expense of the youth who represent the future. The move to involve ZNA clearly shows that ZANU PF believes in financing military operation to maintain its tyranny at the expense of critical national problems. Zimbabwe is facing one of the highest unemployment rates on the planet, acute liquidity crisis, underpaid civil servants, poor infrastructure and communicable diseases like typhoid. Despite all these problems ZANU PF has chosen to finance terror at the expense of financing socio-economic development. This clearly shows that ZANU PF is against the agenda of youth upliftment and characteristically anti-people.
More over the people of Zimbabwe are demanding accountability in parastatals governing the sale and marketing of these precious gems.  The demand for accountability in Institution like ZMDC and MMZ have also taken a centre stage with various stakeholders in GNU requesting independent audits to investigate financial affairs of these organisations. However the move is being blocked by ZANU PF as they are part of the syndicate in abusing diamond funds. The integrity of the board for ZMDC is also questionable as it is being led by Goodwills Masimirembwa who happens to be a deregistered lawyer. The syndicate of Masimirembwa and Mines minister Obert Mpofu can be traced way back in 2007, when Mpofu as the then minister of Trade and Commerce. Mpofu appointed Goodwills Masimirembwa as the chairperson of National Incomes and Pricing Commission.

There is little known but a lot to be desired

For and on behalf of the youth of Zimbabwe

MDC Youth Assembly Information Department

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

Enough is Enough!!!

Harare, Thursday 17 May 2012. The police started its crackdown on the 29 incarcerated MDC members in May last year, which means they are now a year behind bars. We reiterate that both their arrest and detention is political. This is the grim manifestation of the agency of darkness. There is clear evidence of ZANU PF’s nasty hand.

 This is a shameful travesty of justice. People who have murdered an innocent Shamva man have already been awarded bail.  We cannot let this continue. Those at the helm must resign; Zimbabwe has competent legal professionals who can discharge their mandates constitutionally and rebuild the system. We are demanding their unconditional immediate release.

 The incarceration of the innocent comrades has for long slowly eroded the patience of youths, leaders, and the broader Zimbabwean society. Democracy and justice advocates have been agitated enough by this high quality of injustice and devilish characters. We have lost hope in the system of Zimbabwean justice. It has been seriously corrupted by ZANU PF. They have showed their highest levels of incompetence and unprofessionalism.

 Justice Chinembiri Bhunu, this month denied leave to appeal for bail at the Supreme Court claiming that their appeals had no merit. The lawyers were for the past weeks pushing for a trial date and on that date they will make a fresh application for bail. The trial date has been set for the 4th of June 2012.

 Justice Bhunu is the one who was also at the helm of Senator Roy Bennett’s trial in 2009. It has become a
habit to make other Zimbabweans suffer for something they didn’t commit. The people who massacred more than 20 000 civilians during Gukurahundi, robbed innocent residents during Murambatsvina, committed gruesome activities during fast track land invasion, murdered civilians in the run up to June 2008 madness, those who killed and burnt General Mujuru are walking scot free, no arrests. Is this the Zimbabwe Cde Tongo, Nkomo, Ziyapapa Moyo, Ndabaningi, Chitepo, Nikita Mangena, Dr Mudzingwa, Nehanda nyakasikana among others fought for? This was the exact character of the Ian Smith led regime now being replicated in an independent Zimbabwe 32 years down the line. Why? This colonial tendency

must not be left unchallenged. ZANU PF is looting our country’s resources day in day out. Go to Chiadzwa, Zimplats, Shurugwi, it’s a shame.

Let me end by quoting Habakkuk 1 vs. 2-4

“How long, O Lord, must I call for help, but you do not listen? Or cry out to you, Violence! But you do not save? Why do you make me look at injustice? Why do you tolerate wrong? Destruction and violence are before me; there is strife, and conflict abounds. Therefore the law is paralysed, and justice never prevails. The wicked hem in the righteous, so that justice is perverted.’

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Cry Zimbabwe, Cry our beloved country, Cry!!!

The people`s struggle for real change continues

Clifford Hlatywayo (National Youth Spokesperson)

Together to end,building a youth with a difference.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Chikadaya, confirmed national hero

A fearless fighter, grassroots mobiliser par excellent, youth commander Simangaliso Phinias Chikadaya has been described as a hero of heroes.
Dedicated, loyal and committed liberator has proved beyond doubt that he is indeed a true hero in this fight for freedom, democracy and the real emancipation of the sons and daughters of Zimbabwe.
Leader, fighter, commander Chikadaya

Thousands of grieved party members, friends, relatives and people from across the political divide thronged No. 1600 Murape road, Houghton Park, Harare and later Chikadaya farm no. 155 Zviyambe in Wedza where he was finally laid to rest yesterday, 8 May 2012.

Acting President and Prime Minister Hon Thokozani Khupe confirmed the hero status of the young and fearless leader reiterating that the time will come when real heroes will be bestowed the full national honor they deserve. “The comrade we are laying to rest today was a dedicated young cadre who fearlessly fought for genuine emancipation of the people of Zimbabwe. His hero status  cannot be a subject of debate.” reiterated Hon Khupe.  

Youth commander Chikadaya, whose cadreship, loyalty and strength was evident in his dedicated mobilisation, strive for unity of purpose and unwavering stance on the respect of principles and values, was born on the 26th of January 1977.

A former Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officer, Chikadaya did his education at St Albert’s school in Wedza. 

Youth Commander Chikadaya was the Wedza district Organising Secretary then elevated to be Mashonaland East Provincial Youth Vice Chairperson. In 2006 at the Second National Congress held at Harare City Sports Center, he was elected the MDC Youth Assembly Deputy Organising Secretary. In 2011, he was elected the National Youth Organising Secretary at the 3rd National Congress held in Bulawayo.

A fearless, loyal and committed leader to the very end, Chikadaya was an alert character who stood up for the Party’s values and principles to fight for real change and a new Zimbabwe.
 Youth Commander Chikadaya was a cheerful person who strove to create an environment of inclusivity, unity and peace. He campaigned vigorously for the party in all election campaigns. He was known for bringing order and organising party programmes in Wedza and across the country. He rose through the ranks of the party to becoming a prolific young leader to which the party was blessed.
The youth commander was a grassroots mobiliser, a radical and vibrant youth leader who was fearless and commander in the struggle for real change. 

The Youth Assembly, the party and the country at large has lost a promising leader and visionary whose daily strides were aimed at bringing freedom, liberation and emancipation of the sons and daughters of Zimbabwe. The Youth Assembly is in deep mourning as leader and commander Chikadaya was one of the most experienced youth leaders in the Assembly, who have worked with Youth Assembly President Solomon Madzore who is reeling under the brutality of the merciless Zanu Pf regime, languishing in remand. 

The comrade has sadly suddenly left us in a brutal way reminiscent to the fate that befell the country on the eve of independence when revolutionary Tongogara was whisked away from the freedom train. The untimely death of youth commander Chikadaya also comes at the 11th hour of the attainment of real change, in the last lap of the struggle for change. The struggle for democracy and emancipation of the people of Zimbabwe has suffered a huge blow, and the gap he has left will be hard to fill. The Youth Assembly will however remain resolute and the fighting spirit of the departed leader will inspire the movement to finish the struggle.

The resilience and dedication of youth commander Chikadaya will inspire the Assembly to scale up the fight as we are about to reach the Canaan that he envisaged. 
For and on behalf of the MDC Youth Assembly
Clifford Hlatywayo
National Youth Spokesperson
+263 773 011 599